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Author's column: Roman Saponkov (military journalist) – SYRIA

Dyeyer Economic basement. so, we have today. enclave dissected. I again began to attack the crazy city, that claim, that everything is in order, this was in May 2016. The originator of this optimism Boris Rozhin, better known as “Colonel Kassad”. I understand, you need to perform the ritual, but still.

In May, the assault team for a few hours was fixed on the object “view” and moved closer to “Assad hospital”, after which it was thrown back to the original. Personally, I have not seen evidence, that beards were on site “cemetery”. And the more, the enemy did not have time to gain a foothold. practice shows, if the opponent is not knocked out by a counterattack in the early hours, the chance is great, do not knock out and then.

In fairness, It has not yet received evidence, that bearded took this time “cemetery” and split the enclave. But on the Internet all are writing about it as a fait accompli and draw a map №2.

If true map, it is logical to expect, that further urban development in the east cut off from the desert to the west. Supply is take off into the desert in the west. IG operates by Soviet rules of war. It turned out, efficient. Generally, must watch, that the Soviet school requires to do in such a situation.

Position all night ironed videoconferencing. According to preliminary data of militants around the city in the area 14-15 thousand, Farm 5 thousand. Which indirectly confirms the rumors about the withdrawal of the garrison shortly before the storm (rumored, It was 7-10 thousands garrison).

Issam Zahreddine located in (third file), Yesterday was a photo with his presence. Today there was an audio-appeal (fourth file).: “Despite the progress of the herd Daishev, each of its horses spotyknotsya. We speak of our homeland – victory… victory or death”

By the militants began to appear frames (while only screens, but later to be video) with killed soldiers CAA, there were shots severed heads.

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