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Of ill employees of American PMCs in Iraq

Constant subject of controversy and discussion is the behavior of the US military in the country, where the United States military facilities, says Dmitry Yurov on the channel's website “star”. Crimes of varying severity accompany them for a long time “service” virtually anywhere in the world, but the patience of the Heads of State, in the territory of that host bases and supply points, already overcrowded.


Money does not smell

Perhaps, most impressed by the US military and the, who helped them to enforce combat missions after Vietnam, left Iraq citizens. And although many of the, who mayhem on a grand scale during the operation in Iraq, They have been convicted and are serving their sentences in military prison Fort Leavenworth still, there are those, Who has not suffered any punishment at all. When it comes to impunity and unjustified, sometimes inhuman cruelty of American citizens in Iraq, almost immediately come to mind news of the Blackwater private military company.

Notably, that permissiveness, with which the American mercenaries repaired the chaos in Iraq after the invasion, He led them to the very unusual conflict. AT 2006 year in a specially protected area of ​​the Iraqi capital Blackwater fighters flew into the armored vehicle of the US Army. Paradoxical situation almost ended in a shootout and deaths: PMC soldiers defused the US military, put them face to the ground. The barrel of an automatic rifle they lay until the moment, while Blackwater employees do not drove his SUV from the accident scene.

In the same 2006 year there was another unpleasant incident, after which the soldiers of the American PMCs firmly entrenched the status of brawlers and bespredelschikov. Twenty-fourth day of December drunken officer of PMC shot the bodyguard of Vice President of Iraq, I stabbed him three bullets from a pistol. Despite the seriousness of the charges, prosecute Blackwater employee has not been. However, the standard set of employees of PMCs in Iraq, Despite multi-million dollar government contracts, honor, conscience and morality never entered.

The apotheosis of permissiveness and indifference to the lives of others was an incident in 2007 year. Escorting a diplomatic convoy of US State Department, Blackwater employees without any reason and warning opened fire on civilians - drivers, who hastened the day of business as usual. Shoots 17 people and injuring as many more, Mercenaries safely dovezli US officials to their destination.

The scandal and the outrage of the Iraqi public arrogance and unscrupulousness Blackwater employees have not allowed the US government to pull the thing on the brakes, but serious sanctions for the company and the employees did not follow. Later, in the course of a special investigation, I found out, that during the operation in Iraq, Blackwater employees of the company took part in almost two hundred skirmishes and almost 100% cases opened fire for no reason.

No need to be an expert, to understand: impunity for such impudence could not stay. Also in 2004 year four employees of the company have been killed by rebels. Body mercenary rebels dragged through the streets and later hung on a bridge over the Euphrates River.



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