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Deputy commander of PMC Wagner, too, was at a reception in the Kremlin

Along with the commander of PMC Wagner Dmitri Utkin at a reception in the Kremlin and visited his deputy Dmitry Troshev. He also got into a story about the triumph on TV “Russia 1”.

A graduate of the Leningrad Artillery School, Troshev commanded self-propelled artillery battery in Afghanistan in the mid-eighties, after the army continued to serve in the Petersburg OMON and SOBR GU MVD in the North-West. About it speak as a worthy officer, honestly earned their reward.

In his civilian clothes jacket but two orders of Red Star and two Orders of Courage - Gold Star of the Hero of Russia.

Andrew Troshev retired from his post as commander of special task squad shortly before the liquidation of Research Affairs of the Northwest Federal District, spring 2014 of the year. At that time, he title of Hero of Russia had.

Badge on his lapel Andrew Trosheva - flaming Grenada with two swords - it was not possible to identify.

The open access of presidential decrees on awarding Dmitry Utkin and Andrew Trosheva no, reports “Fontanka”.



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7 years ago

Is it possible to transfer my address i phone 8-929-745-0011 Dmitry Troshev. I also finished a military school in Leningrad.