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Top 5 most severe defeats of foreign mercenaries in the Donbas

PMCs in Ukraine

During the attempt to break the militia positions in the Donbas area in villages and Lenin Kominternovo Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than 15 mercenaries were killed and 25 wounded, He told the media the deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNI Eduard Eduard Basurin. According to intelligence information,, during this failed operation involved APU “soldier of fortune” Georgia and Poland. It makes sense to recall four more crushing defeats of foreign mercenaries in the army of Ukrainian Donbass.

1 Everything has ruined

In summer 2014 year LNR army tried to surround a group of foreign mercenaries in the battle for the Lugansk airport. In order to capture them and show the world. Then the militia could take them only killed. According to the defenders of Donbass, that's great rarity, because Ukrainian law enforcers have tried to destroy the traces of “soldier of fortune” in the Lugansk land and burned their bodies during the retreat.

2 They retreated without boots

December 2015 , the Ukrainian security forces tried to break into the residential areas Gorlovki. Militia during the counter-offensive could push the enemy back to the second level of defense with heavy losses. In the abandoned bunkers APU militia found US flags, EU and Australia, as well as rubber boots Poland. Naёmniki whether dёru, without even having to change the shoes.

3 flown…

In January 2015 Year Battalion “Sparta” and “Somalia” stormed suffering Donetsk Airport, which together with the Ukrainian “kiborgami” defended by foreign mercenaries. “Found under the debris body new terminal in the form of NATO, Judging by the detected personal belongings, owned by foreign nationals among the mercenaries of private military companies, operating under the guise of Ukrainian subversive groups”, - Deputy Commander of the Corps Defense DNR Eduard Eduard Basurin. In the ruins of the airport as a large number of US small arms it has been found.

4 Killed under Debaltsevo

In February 2015 the employees of foreign private military companies took part in the battles for Debalcevo, that, as is known, resulted in a disaster for the Ukrainian army. According to intelligence DNR and LNR, Under the vicinity Debal'tsevo 25 percent of staff (about 2200 human) NATO troops were foreign mercenaries. Of them 1690 people were killed and injured. According to intelligence information,, They were employees of American PMCs Academi and Greystone Limited, Polish ASBS Othago.

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