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New MA 5.45mm. and a bit of history (video)


For more information about the new product because like many : Concern "Kalashnikov", part of the State Corporation Rostec, the International Military-Technical Forum "Army – 2016"I presented a prototype 5.45-mm compact machine (MA), the weight of which does not exceed the free store 2,5 kg.

The concept of a small-sized machine is a development initiative of Concern "Kalashnikov". MA is designed as a self-defense weapon for the calculations of military equipment, as well as light and maneuverable weapon for special forces. machine Length with folded butt does not exceed 50 cm, What's on 20 cm shorter than the regular AC-74M.

"In the development of new types of weapons of war, we are actively cooperating with the most competent users of our products – employees of the Russian power structures, in close cooperation with which developed tactical and technical specifications for new models of small arms, – He said General Director of Concern "Kalashnikov" Alexei Krivoruchko. - We are sure, that the concept of a small-sized machine will be in demand among many law enforcement agencies, because thanks to its light weight and compactness of such a machine will greatly facilitate the implementation of special operations ".

The prototype design 5.45mm MA used modern materials and solutions in the area of ​​the layout and ergonomics weapons. Unlike Kalashnikovs, compact machine is "inverted" arrangement with a compact receiver U-shaped cross-section, which in "limbo" state is slide group. Through this structure possible to quickly set all modern sighting devices, and guarantees the preservation of sight zeroing after the disassembly and assembly of weapons.

Automatic weapon uses gas piston with short stroke. Bottom to the receiver pivotally attached box trigger mechanism, made of solid plastic with receiver stores, pistol grip and trigger guard.
Arms Controls bilateral, on the upper surface of the receiver is made Picatinny type guide for installation of modern sighting systems. plastic telescopic ( adjustable ) butt folded sideways, on the right side of the weapon. The machine can be equipped with quick-detachable tactical silencer.





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