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PBS-1. The device for noiseless and flameless fire of 7,62 mm modernized Kalashnikov assault rifles (AKM and AKMS). service Manual. The Ministry of Defense SSSR.1972 g.






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Table of contents

  • Purpose and combat characteristics of the device
  • Brief information about the instrument device (principle of the device)
  • The apparatus unit and a special sight leaf

instrument device
Special rib with a collar


  • Disassembly and assembly of the device

General instructions
Dismantling device
assembly of the unit
Statement on the machine special sight leaf with a collar


  • Inspection device and the special bracket with a collar sighting

Inspection device assembled
Inspection device unassembled
Spot Inspection special bracket with a collar


  • Preparation of the machine and the device for shooting

General instructions
Setting sight for firing a machine gun cartridges with CM device
replacing the obturator


  • Causes of malfunction automatic mechanisms when firing cartridges with CM device

General measures to prevent and eliminate delays
typical delays, that can occur when shooting with a machine gun with the device


  • Bringing the machine with the device to a normal battle when firing cartridges CSS

General instructions
The activation of the normal battle machine with a special tool and the rib when firing cartridges CSS
Checking machine battle with the instrument when firing ammunition FF
Installation special sight sight leaf when firing cartridges machine CM
Bringing a machine tool and a set of small night sight NSP-2 to normal combat ammunition CSS
Recommended settings sight NSP-2 for the firing of a machine tool cartridges CSS


  • Cleaning and lubrication device and machine

General instructions
Procedure for cleaning and lubrication of the device


  • Ammunition

Features ammunition
Capping cartridges and shutters

Links to download MANAGEMENT



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