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Ergonomics and balance of PL-14 pistol

History of creation, characteristics and features of the new gun PL-14. Modern gun PL-14 will replace the PM and can be used by the army, special forces and even athletes.

Lead Design Engineer concern "Kalashnikov" Dmitry Lebedev on the new pistolete.Avtor new pistol PL-14 Dmitry Lebedev in an interview with "Russian world" has told about the history and the characteristics of weapons, a prototype of which was first presented at the forum "Army 2015". Potential customers PL-14 can be both law enforcement agencies (army, Special Forces), and athletes.


Dmitry Lebedev is a disciple of the legendary designer sporting weapons Yefim Leontyevich Haydurova and has been creating experimental pistols for years. PL-14 model development was launched in 2014 , with the active participation of multiple champion of Russia in practical shooting Andrew Kirisenko.


The basis of the PL-14 put: optimum ergonomics and balance, safe handling, high reliability with any ammunition 9x19, complete "bilateralism", a significant resource (no less 10 000 shots when using the enhanced armor-piercing bullets 7N21; and a "normal" life cartridges must be substantially longer).

At the moment (summer 2015 of the year) PL-14 is at the stage of the prototype mining. For mass production it will be ready no earlier than 2016 of the year, and during this time the gun is required to undergo changes as compared to the demonstrated at the forum "Army 2015" model.

The cost of production versions still early, but, According to Dmitry Lebedev, the issue of competitive products in the parameter price - quality paid sufficient attention.

- What is the need to create a PL-14? "The old man" "Makarov" so strongly deprecated?

- Makarov pistol was created more than sixty years ago,. During this period, almost any obsolete equipment. The issue of replacing the PM did not arise yesterday, already in the 80s of last century, the vast majority of countries around the world to re-equip his army and police guns more powerful and modern, than PM. And in our country at that time active work in this direction. The result was a fairly well-known models today: CP-1, IR, GS-18 and many other, less known to the general public systems.

At that time I was working in the design and research group Haydurova, and although our main activity was sporting guns, It fell within the scope of the interests and combat, since we have worked closely with representatives of many special units, Please contact us for technical and methodological assistance. At the same time it had the opportunity not only to study a large number of samples of weapons of foreign manufacture, but also to discuss with the experts, battle-tried, design features and the use of weapons. Over time, the connection grew stronger and expanded, and today we are in constant interaction with people, which work: are officers of "Alpha" and "Vympel", Presidential Security Service, other law enforcement agencies and departments, arrow-athletes. Now the concern "Kalashnikov" we have taken for the implementation of existing knowledge and experience.

- Will the PL-14 as reliable in harsh Russian conditions, as the same PM?

- The path from prototype to reliably operate the serial car is not close and difficult. The same MP is not immediately acquired his glorious reliability. While taking into account of the testing of our gun there is every reason to hope, that prior to the necessary level of reliability, we will bring the car.

- The gun Lebedev favorably with other systems, Yarigina e.g. gun or "Strizh"? And what is the advantage of PL-14 compared with Western counterparts?

- The main highlight of the submarine - is its ergonomics and balance. Today, the results of the tests, we can see, our main idea was a success. The machine is well in the hand, stable when aiming, It has less withdrawal when giving and makes it easier to carry the fire to other purposes.

Next - controls. We tried to make them as clear and familiar, but taking into account the shortcomings, available to other known systems (eg, magazine catch button many good pistols is not protected against accidental operation, as the slide catch and fuse). Of particular note is informative indication of whether a cartridge in the chamber.

Such a device is, in many systems, but we brought it to the maximum readability: Whether the weapon is loaded, can be determined, without removing it from the holster, to touch with one hand, even with gloves. pistol disassembly for maintenance is simple and easy.

Mechanical "stuffing" does not carry inventions - we try to use proven, reliable and technologically advanced design solutions, but we take great care of their harmonious combination. Now the main task - to bring the structure up to the level of the best world samples of these criteria.


Ergonomics and balance of PL-14 pistol

- What exactly is the feature of the pistol grip? Can you elaborate more on the ergonomic characteristics of the PL-14?

- Application of the principles of ergonomics and balance of weapons were once elaborated Yefim Leontyevich Haydurovym, who was not only a talented designer-gunsmith, but the shooter of the highest qualification, and an outstanding coach and instructor. This knowledge and understanding of biomechanics and psychology arrow, the production of well-aimed shots, we tried to implement in our car. Simply put, gun has to be an extension arm and hand in a physical, and psychologically.

Besides, in the base arm has a small thickness (28 mm) and low coverage, It is making it convenient for gun shooter with a small hand, and with the help of interchangeable caps handle adapts to users with larger hands: today it is the "rule of etiquette" for pistol, as well as two-way controls, allow without restrictions to work as a right, and left-handed.

- It has been stated, that the PL-14 is designed for military, security officials and athletes. The implication, that the gun would be a kind of universal model. Like it or not? For whom it is primarily intended PL-14?

- Yes, we are working on the design as a universal platform. The basic version is designed for users of the "basic" skill - is the army officers and police, for which a gun is not the primary weapon, and therefore there is no need to spend a lot of time on their training in shooting. In this embodiment, the gun has a long and tight descent, than usual (an effort 4 kg, course 7 mm).

Such characteristics descent will save the user a little small skill accidental shot. At the same time testing showed, arrows that such qualifications are confident marksmanship at a pace, accessible to their ability.

Another option - a pistol for men, often it is used and conducting in-dash lot of time. For them, it provides a shorter and easy descent (an effort 1,5 kg, course 5 mm). Such slope allows high-speed shooting. Finally, provides a firing mechanism with adjustable features, satisfy the requirements of the sports pistol "open class".

Besides, provides embodiments with various stem length and the handle. standard, with trunks 112-127 mm and handles a 15-16 local shops; long, with trunks 152 mm; compact, with trunks 80-90 mm and handles a 12-person shops.

There are different versions and frameworks: impact-resistant plastic for the base models, as well as light alloy and steel for special versions. Various equipment includes tactical lights, laser designators, choke tubes (until silencing) and various sights (until collimator), universal and special holster to carry all this assembly. Generally, everything, than they can boast of good modern pistols.

- You mentioned, that the trigger pull at the PL-14 is 4 kg. for comparison: from a revolver "Nagan", which is considered a model of very severe descent, this figure is 3,5 kg. Would not it be so tight downhill obstacle to shooting in a real fight?

- Said descent into 4 kg tested us as possible. Examples of the use of similar pistols to deliberately weighted descent to enhance security are numerous in the world. In particular, in many US police departments to the "Glock" put descent with effort 5 kg.

again, that testing of the descent arrows of different qualifications (from a base to a high) revealed, they all quickly become accustomed to this descent. However, for "advanced" users are provided with lightweight options descent.

- Is it too great mass of PL-14? Whether used in a pistol design newest plastic materials?

- Weight of gun without bullets 800 gram. For the weapons of this class is a completely normal weight. The most popular modern submachine classmates weigh about the same. of course, design provides for maximum use of modern materials, including polymers. While in the prior art, these parts are made of aluminum alloy, but this is only because, it makes no sense to do quite costly mold.


Ergonomics and balance of PL-14 pistol

- What can you say about the accuracy and rate of PL-14 shooting?

- Accuracy in relation to the gun - setting crafty. There are examples, When shooting with a gun "machine" shows the high precision and accuracy, but when shooting handheld does not provide the required accuracy. The accuracy of our gun is quite normal, but thanks to the already above-described solutions in the field of ergonomics and balance it shows good results in accuracy and speed of production of repeated shots.

- How many PL-14 should pass the test, and when you can expect roughly the start of series production?

- We are preparing a gun to the standard test procedure without discounts and privileges. These tests will be conducted in accordance with the program, approved by the customer, both in content, and on terms. I promulgate specific dates have no right. I can only say, that the timing is very hard for us.




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