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news: Thoughts from – Breaking fast in the trash. End Makhachkala gang

The end of Ramadan month of fasting in the Muslim world marks the Day of Fitr or Eid al-Fitr (in Arab countries more upotrebimo called "Eid al-Fitr"). This day is also the first day of the new – tenth of the lunar Islamic calendar – Shawwal.

It is a pure and holy feast, and therefore Muslim should meet him properly – in the best holiday clothes, with mandatory compliance with all the prayers and rituals. Preparing for the holiday usually begin four days before him with general cleaning. Thoroughly scrub not only the house, but also of territories near houses (if there is one), cowshed, pens Scott, and very cattle. After, the order imposed, All family members are thoroughly washed and dressed in clean clothes.
And what about the Wahhabi lesobandity? As befits bastards, in which even the souls abominable and filthy, Makhachkala gang members do not bother to clean or, or even the choice of location for the breaking, intending to make it directly into the trash urban area, crap in the barn, where not enough, that stinks is a terrible, so also the bodies of horned cattle lying and decompose on the ground, as an accomplice, on whose, so to speak, "Funds" bandits are also designed with ample grub celebrations and tiskaniem anticipating the start of mating Wahhabi whores, not particularly bother burying dead animals. As a matter of fact, there, even cattle cemetery in the air to inhale dangerous, not that, that eating and drinking, no substances and substances that, to live in a rubbish contagion.
Having identified the accumulation of bandits in the barn, in which an accomplice in advance nataschili swollen from the heat cakes and other grub, MVD and FSB, suffering from a bad smell, and dreaming of the throat clean uncontaminated water, blocked area, and then, at 3.30 Karabudakhkent in the region of Dagestan near s.Agachaul was introduced counter-terrorist operation.
The game is worth the candle. Flock to feast bandits, Get out of the bushes, as one, went with investigative poster - almost all formed Makhachkala gang decided to revel in among the stinks of rotting cow carcasses. And 7.10 Today, when exactly ten bandits were blocked inside the perimeter, It began a special operation. On the proposal to lay down their arms and surrender, Rushed bandits from the barn under cover of dense fire from small arms, trying to hide among the trees. Nevertheless, hiding and frantically snarling beasts Muzzy found and destroyed. In this battle, the fighter was killed "Vympel", and three employees were injured.

The special operation is continuing. Somewhere hiding two other members of the gang, so now they are trying to find and congratulate lead postcards, and eight stinking corpses were left to lie on this dump, what, undoubtedly, Creator is a good joke - where else was garbage, how not to trash?
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