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The instructor puts on the table a few items: cartridges of various weapons, buttons, insignia, patches of camouflage, stones, cigarettes of different varieties and make sure the compass. Give cadets a look at all of this a few seconds, then cover with a tarpaulin composition and offer cadet list all represented on it.

Nothing forewarned student transfers at best half of what, what did you see. It is the instructor Amendment. “You did not tell, from some weapons and ammunition as they, how many stones, what size and what they origin, how many cigarettes and what they varieties, how many spots were on camouflage, not listed, What exactly were the insignia”. For slow wits and negligence student receives outfit out of turn. Further training are moving a bit more progressive. show time is reduced. The number of items and their range of change. When a student begins to accurately describe all, he shows, classes are transferred to nature.

material group “SWAT tactics”)at a distance 100 meters cadet give to see with the naked eye on the landscape, Then he turns his back and the assistant (a student) It produces a slight change in the proximity of the target field. Cadet turned to face the target, and it receives a command to tell about the changes occurring there. Gradually they increase the distance to the training 300 m. At this distance, the sniper must find the naked eye changes in the position of objects – Undercut branches, trampled grass, swaying bushes, smoke from cigarettes, the appearance and disappearance of small objects (the size of a tin). That is the naked eye, For vision markedly exacerbated in the course of such training.

Then one by one the students equipped with concealed position and again to the naked eye at the same distances to 300 meters are trained in the detection of signs of these positions (trampled grass, cleared sector firings, shaded places on the edge of the forest, and so on.). Then the same is true in the movement by car – students determine the distance space, the landscape areas suitable for setting enemy sniper ambushes. Trained so snipers can not be overestimated in mobile operations – the head of camp outpost, when accompanied by columns, in razveddiversionnoy or search and Jaeger Group. the, who has equipped these positions in training, he will be able to predict where they are posing in combat. It's real – a person, who is waiting for an attack on the move, very acute sensitivity.

In the above training, a known practical medical psychophysiological reception reserve mobilization living body. When the daily activities a person must receive a constant volume of the everyday life of information is known, that deaf people, underserved part of everyday operational information, this loss is compensated by the increased development of the visual observation. Therefore, knowing the cause of the cadet instructor tightly cover my ears with the stringent requirements of performing a learning task to identify targets at a distance 300 meters and more. The results thus significantly progressed, as well as significantly sharpens vision
observation training transferred to the landfill. At distances of more than 300 meters sniper-observers in all cases been forced to use optical devices. at distances 300, 350, 400 meters in front of the cadet the task within a few hours to explore the landscape to every square decimeter, clearly define the distance to targets, to predict the locations of equipment the enemy sniper positions and make a fire card. Night secretly advance and equip camouflaged positions. The creative initiative of the students and the trainers are encouraging. The same task gets another group of students, but “with the front line”. At dawn, they both trained in the detection of appointed positions on the changes of the relief and other features. Their first discovered gets promotion, last – recovery. Exactly the same exercise is then held at a long range – to 600 and 800 m.