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carry off a sentry
To successfully remove the time it is crucial to get close up to him so, that it until the last moment did not see anything and did not hear. AND, respectively, did not have time to scream, after a loud cry in the silence can be heard at a distance of one kilometer! Consequently, attack time best back (in some cases, the side), but not in front.

Remember, the noise is even quiet steps, many people are distinguished for 30-40 m. Therefore, to sneak up to the time necessary to leeward or to choose the place, to which he approaches himself. To distract his attention, it is desirable to throw a small object in the direction of, making time to turn on the noise. Arisen pause immediately used to attack. The attack is required to combine the two actions: one hand to close the mouth hour, the other - to stab. In some cases, you can replace a knife to strike a heavy object, folding neck or strangulation.

Of course, it's best to remove the watch shots of silent weapon. However, it does not give an absolute guarantee destruction (especially at night), since there is always a chance of a miss or wounded. This can result in noise and, eventually, the failure of operations. Consequently, although the contact methods of action difficult, completely exclude them from the arsenal of intelligence can not be.
Destruction time knife. Stabbed at removal time is performed in the neck (throat), in heart (under the left shoulder blade), kidney, to the liver (right upper quadrant) or spleen (left upper quadrant).

neck of the opponent can be hit as the piercing, and chop. Thrust is most effective when the defeat of their base of the neck below the Adam's apple in the front a little (either side, above the collarbone). Chopping (cutting) blow is applied to a front throat slightly above the Adam's apple (what is required to bend the head hours ago) or on the side, cutting the carotid artery. In all these cases, there comes an instant death.

In heart (under the left shoulder blade), to the left or to the right kidney, to the liver, spleen cause a strong thrust and try to turn the knife in the wound.
As a result, the opponent immediately loses consciousness, because there is a powerful ejection of blood inside the body, and after a short time comes lethal.
The most common ways to watch the destruction of a knife shown here in figures.

If overcome unnoticed last stretch of space, separating spy on the time it is not possible, then use other options for attack. First - this time knocking down a jump on him from behind with a running start, while stabbed him in the throat. The second - to throw it back in the knife (sapper shovel, toporik, cobblestone). Then, abruptly overcome the "dead space" and to give the enemy a second knife.

of course, there are other ways of destroying the enemy with a knife.

for example, sometimes it is possible to attack the sentry in front, if the scout was able to deceive the enemy (I changed into someone else's uniform or in civilian clothes, He portrayed a drunk local man, surrendering unarmed captive soldier, etc.). But they are unreliable, because the hour when any stranger must immediately stop his loud voice, and bring him weapons.

Destruction hour suffocation. To destroy the enemy by suffocation scouts usually used specially prepared noose from a guitar string (at least - of nylon fishing line) with attached at its end of the handle. (The length of any choke is in the range of from 30 to 50 centimeters). The string is good, not just smothers, but also cuts into the skin. In the absence of the strings it can be replaced with steel wire, electrical cord, rope, towel, narrow durable belt. However, all these "stranglehold" is much less effective, than the string. They are not as fit snugly to the neck of the enemy, worse tightened, can tear, finally, they are not so easy to use.
There is another kind of string, which the, true, scents, but simply cuts off the head. This string with napylepnoy her diamond grit and T-handles at the ends, which doctors use as surgical saws. It is called "saw Gigli". it for 10 seconds to saw through the leg at the hip with bone, And as she cuts through the throat instantly!
There are two basic ways removal time using a slipknot.

First: crept back, throw him on the throat of a string) quickly turn back to him, to ensure the crossing of all the strings, in the hands of the scout, and with the power to drag the enemy, spinning in a circle on the ground. Across 10-30 second death occurs, the faster, the deeper the string hit in the throat and the stronger the pulling force.
Second: throwing string (or cord) through the head to the throat, make hands sharp jerk back on itself and at the same time a little towards each other. Your body at the same time reject ago, and knee or heel swipe hour in the lower back. As a result, it will fall back back.

At the time of his fall scout should step aside (not releasing the stranglehold of the hands) and complete strangulation already on the ground.
There have been many ways of strangling hands, but they are much less reliable, than with a choke, so are not considered here. by the way, halter (especially from the strings) It is also quite, which completely eliminates the possibility of shouting. When strangling hands, then a failed capture any enemy shouts, or a loud inarticulate sounds. Strangling hands better then, when you want to take enemy prisoners, not kill.

Destruction hour fracture of the cervical vertebrae. To break the neck vertebrae, that almost always leads to instant death, It requires cutting a strong movement to turn the enemy's head to the side.

This method is not as effective, as the work of a knife or the noose. However, anything can happen in a war, It may happen, that is not at hand will no knife, our udavki. Hide head healthy man then, when he stands, very difficult. Forward necessary for it to have a very strong hand and also be above his victim. Therefore, pre opponent knocked to the ground and, riding his back, head sharply twisted counter motion of their hands. The left hand pushes his head away from you, right hand pulls his chin out and up.

Another variant: grab brushes both hands chin fallen opponent (sitting on his back), and then combine the two movements. Hands sharply to throw back his head back - right-up, and right knee pushed hard to the left and down to the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae. fracture occurs.
The third option of folding the neck connected with the rollover time not forward, and back, kick his feet in his popliteal crease. At the same time his hands sharply twisted enemy head. It should be clearly aware of the main drawback of these methods: they do not guarantee the absence of noise. The watch can be a muscular neck, capturing arms can not be fully trusted, as a result of the enemy has time to issue a cry.

With the use of firearms
The most reliable way of removing the clad in a bulletproof vest is shooting time of the two 9 mm sniper rifles BCC (AC machines) armor-piercing bullets SP-6. Each scout produces 2-3 Aimed shot. Shock (staying) the effect caliber bullets 9 mm, capable of close-ups easy to penetrate even thick (breast) titanium plates sixth class protection vest, more than sufficient for reliable neutralization hour.
A. Shipilov
Object and Time in the article will be nearly one concept, tk. and to apply and to another almost the same methods. All put to discourage your evil designs. You set the task requires the implementation and to achieve it must be removed, eliminate, remove the time creating problems. more Stalin, which Stalin, I used to say, – there is a man – There is a problem, no man – no problem. With respect to the enemy is more than correct. Flick-napervo remember: do not hold the enemy for a fool . Secondly, Exercise commitment, that hour very well see, hears and ever vigilant. We assign to him a few positive qualities, then the more you respect the opponent. The enemy must be respected. Underestimation of the enemy's forces and capabilities is very expensive.
Further, if you continue in the same spirit, the picture can paint a pretty grim. But not all so sad in this world. War makes people, and people tend to get tired, make mistakes and to be indifferent. In war, to be indifferent to military – means not only ruin your life and the lives of their comrades, but now and then you charged. therefore, Since you got to where the shooting – kill, it is necessary to follow the slogan VI. Ulyanov-Lenin: "study, study and study again ". Let you do not confuse quotes of famous people. Quotes succinctly and clearly convey the right idea, and there will be little, promise.

Now, back to the presentation of the planned.
Before you start moving to the selected time-object, slowly and methodically Examine the area for: secrets , sound and light alarm, min, pit-traps, barbed wire, radar systems and video surveillance, etc.. tricky stuff. Secret – these are the same hour, Only carefully camouflaged. On the approaches to important protected object opponent necessarily deliver various kinds of barriers. Anti-personnel mines and signal. These things do not usually metal detector and because of little use. Check the front of a road with probe, ostrozatochennoho ramrod or shtыk knife. Do this carefully, without noise. Stick the probe often. Landmines and small size because the more often pierces zemelku, the greater the chance of finding a surprise. Poke through the soil at an angle. under what? Is to ask or peeped from miners. Discovered a mine marked and try not to touch her. It is better to go around a party. Uchti, often put mine on the opposite side of the position of the stones, trees and other shelters. You decided to hide from the enemy behind a tree, and standing there waiting for you mine. Be careful and cautious. Pay attention to the faded grass, ripped sod and sprigs of leaves into piles.

Barbed wire – not so hot a complicated thing, but very effective barrier. With barbed wire, which enclose pastures, just enough to cope, but progress does not stand still. Instead of the usual barbed wire used increasingly made of solid steel grades, twisted into a tight spiral, with frequent teeth sharpened wire spider. She had not seen, hard to cut and when it is cut, she begins to unravel. Raspolzayas clings to all that will fall. because, it is better not to touch it unnecessarily. Overcome barbed wire can be on it – covering her overcoat, bušlatom, groundsheet. Underneath lifting wire branch, stick, board or break a hole. To do all this you need to with the greatest care and diligence. And better, somehow bypass. The wire can be connected to the electronics and the simplest alarm (banks, cup), and even to the mines, stretch marks. Work slowly, smoothly. If caught, it is not jerking. Can not be disengaged himself – Ask a friend to set you free from the bondage. To do this, all those who work on the wire should each have a wire cutter and a sharp knife. With its fabric can be cut, winkle thorn – the teeth of the body. Sometimes, It happens, with the flesh.

The increasingly widespread use of portable radar prepared, Thermal Imaging and video surveillance. Usually they are placed higher (on mast, tower, trees) to increase the viewing area. While the system is extremely rare on the Russian open spaces, but other armies they are widely used. because, little focus on them.

If such a system is found, you should look for another path to the object or try to destroy. Of course it's not easy, but aimed shot from a silent weapon of equipment will make it possible to make a dash across the controlled area.
Radar works well in fog and smoke, but it does not detect slowly crawling man.
Thermal imagers do not work against the sun, in a very hot weather and large fires.
Video surveillance systems are ineffective in fog and smoke screen. In addition, not all cameras are equipped with infrared illumination.

Use the fullest dead zone – not viewed space.
With increasing technical equipment of modern armies approach at close distance to the enemy becomes problematic. Wherefore, If you need to climb to the enemy visit, then do it with the utmost caution.

During the day the area is surveyed through binoculars and telescope. Night surveillance is carried out with the aid of night vision devices (DU). Use the transitional times of the day. When the sun starts to sit or stand. In the daytime optics already / still hard to see, PNV in more or longer lights up.
heavy fog, rain, snow, smoke significantly hamper surveillance. The bad weather is your chance to go unnoticed, read, alive.

Picked to the time the side or back, and never by the person. It is better if the clock goes from side to side. To approach him while he takes from you. There is stand still upon you and pretend to be a tree root.

Capture time is alive and only a few people at need. In other cases, engage in melee is not recommended. All may be stronger than you, and nowhere to wait for help. Do not go on the hour with a knife. At first, You can find the distance where the knife can not be an effective roll. Secondly, most soldiers wear bulletproof vests and helmets. And get a knife throw in the throat or eyes, many problematic case. It is better not to show off and enjoy it a pistol or a gun with a silencer. It will be safer. Work out only in shooting small targets. Of course, subsonic bullet which seldom Bronicas or helmet strikes, but even if you hit on the helmet, then there are few husky able for a few seconds to recover if it has not broken the spine.

K podbyratsya better time alone. So less likely to be detected. In this case, someone always has to keep vrazhin at gunpoint.

Thoughtful diversion in case of its detection. This can be a blast, light flash, shooting a little away from you. Zapasys dыmovuhoy, falshfeyerom, tear or stun grenades, pomegranate. He threw in vorogov or away from yourself and you have a few seconds – moments to change your location. Sometimes it is not necessary to run away from the enemy, convergence, occasionally, more useful. But it depends on the situation and your choice.

In the haze of mist, a moonless night when all the objects are blurred, movement should be smooth, sliding. Stick to the shadows, Go along the walls, They travel along the ground, merge with objects. Be part of their.

When sharp shadows, then from one shelter to another need to move throw. The distances of tens of meters of open space do not hurry to overcome a full-length. better crawl, shallows, On knees, in poluprisyade. The closer to the ground, the better for your life.

Before crossing the open space – Observe. Look around suspicious places. Put yourself in the place of the enemy and think about where you would deploy observers and equipment. broken, dried and unnaturally bent branch, trampled grass prompt you, that around here people gain. Sit, Listen. Maybe somewhere something zvyaknet, schёlknet, someone sighs, kashlyanёt, zasopit. Be on the lookout all the time rather tedious. Therefore, do not converge with the enemy immediately after the changing of the guard.


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