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Best practices for working with the machine in the lower level

There is a psychological phenomenon - the goal, appear below, perceived slower and worse, than the target, found in the middle and upper levels. Therefore, when the assault, and defensive actions is very beneficial to fire out of their positions quickly in the bottom corners, especially in shaded areas.

Creep up to such positions is best pulling on her elbows and at the same time pushing the toes of shoes. The nomination should be calculated in such a way, so that in its final phase socks were straightened, and elbows - are drawn in under itself. Simultaneously with the completion of the nomination fighter leans to the left side, pulling up to his bent right leg at the knee, and opened fire, immediately after the end of shooting the go-ahead to make a sharp right foot back, Using mass-moment of inertia, raise the body and sharply move back for shelter, to go into the vertical position and stand up.

If, however, a strategic position under the shaded angle must be taken in stride, Right heel forward unfolds, fighter, damping on the right leg bent, falls on left knee, maximum pushing it to the right behind the right heel, and leans to the left side.
Tactical reversals in the lower level

As mentioned, non-obviousness under various labyrinths and difficult-terrain the enemy can appear suddenly and from either side. If you're the fire in the supine position and the enemy appeared, let's, you cope, turns to the left side with a support on the side put forward the right foot.



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