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Učebka: How to trick your body reflexes

You sit in ambush, supposing, and, completely inappropriate, your throat starts to "tickle". In order not to unmask yourself with a cough, pluck and scratch your ear. When the ear nerves are stimulated, muscle spasm reflectively occurs in the throat. It will ease the unpleasant tickling.

If you are forced to whisper with your teammate and you have trouble hearing, what is he muttering, you need to turn to him with your right ear. The right one is better at picking up fast speech rhythms.. And if you want to hear, what kind of melody is playing quietly, face the sound source with your left ear. It distinguishes musical tones better than the right..

If the ambush seat is too long and you feel a terrible urge to write, think about sex. Sex and urination are incompatible, so it will be easier to endure.
*This method will not work for girls.

If you burn your finger, press a clean fingertip on your other hand to the burn. Although the ice will relieve the pain faster, blistering is more likely when applied. And when you put your finger on, the burned skin will just return to normal temperature., and, can, it will do without a blister.

If after running it hurts in the side, exhale, when you step on your left foot. Most people breathe out, when the right foot touches the ground. This puts pressure on the liver., which is on the right, and she presses on the diaphragm and causes pain in the side.

If the nose bleeds, put a piece of cotton on the upper gum - just behind the little "bridle" just under the nose - and squeeze it tightly. In most cases, blood flows from the front of the nasal septum, and it can be stopped, holding this particular area.

If your heart is beating hard, blow your thumb. The heart rate is influenced by the breathing phase: inhalation causes oppression of the vagus nerve and acceleration of the rhythm, and exhalation - irritation of the vagus nerve and slowing down of cardiac activity.

If you are afraid of the injection, cough while inserting the needle. The cough causes a sudden, short-term rise in pressure in the chest and spinal canal. This suppresses pain receptors.

If you have a stuffy nose, put your tongue in the sky, and then press your finger between your eyebrows. As a result, the opener is a trapezoidal bone, forming the posterior part of the nasal septum, - stir and relieve tension. Across 20 seconds the nose will start to "lay down".

If your hand is numb, shake your head from side to side. "Life" will return to your hand in less than a minute. Often these sensations in the hand are the result of pinched nerves in the muscles of the neck..



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