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Instructor “pennant” teaches to survive











BECOME chameleon
Since ancient times, mankind has adapted to the environment. We changed the nature, Nature changes us. But always remained the same rule: If you do not see, so you – safe, survivors. No wonder a chameleon trying to “mow” not only animal and plant worlds, but people, wearing military uniforms.

Have you ever thought, why the US Army has more than three dozen of various camouflage? Their army soldiers ready by the order of their government fulfill their combat missions anywhere in the world, in all conditions and on any terrain.

Maximum specific meaning of the word “camouflage” I hope in “Dictionary of the Russian language” (Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1983 year). it “method of masking, which consists in coloring tools, courts, buildings, etc.. spots, strips, etc., distorting their shape and difficult to detect”.

Masking is essential for the military special units, which operate in isolation from the main forces, and are not able to regularly supply food and ammunition. so, secrecy – the best way to preserve the lives and performance of combat missions.

Options and ways of masking, there are many. To mention a few. To camouflage CLOTHING, necessary to sew the dorsal part of a large number of string or tapes and patches of fabric, which are tied tufts of grass. Competently disguised person can be found, lysh accidentally stepped on him.

The platoon commander senior lieutenant Georgi X. made with one embodiment, a gross error concealment. He nashil loop even on the chest, given thought to the question of dressing a bra with spetsnaryazheniem.

Instructor – a former employee of the special division of the KGB “Pennant” I advised: if not at hand suitable clothing, and suitable common canvas bag, drag pre-dust, or “spread” in dirty water, with slits for the arms and legs, which is then sewn thread grass.

When camouflage WEAPONS grass should not forget about the possibility of distortion of the free gate. Instructor spetsrazvedki platoon sergeant Vladimir Konstantinov disguised his AK-74 as, what, as we try to discern weapon in low grass, we have not turned.


Have you watched the movie more than once Baltic “Long road in the dunes”. Remember, caches “forest brothers”? How much effort it took the soldiers of special detachments of the NKVD, to detect and to smoke out of their burrows!

The instructor stressed, that caches for military intelligence – not just a way to survive. Imagine cache, arranged just a few meters from the road, at which the enemy troop columns moving. Scout saboteur, remaining undetected, capable of selectively destroying mines controlled command and staff vehicles. How it's done, It was told and partly an indication on the range.

After a detailed discussion of this topic all the officers agreed with the instructor, that even one scout is, on forces crush the unit with a strength up to a company on the move and on the sly, taking captive, to drag into its hole. A nightfall disappear from the surgical site with prey.

After that “vympelovets”, complicated task:
– Let's, the enemy discovered one of the scouts and set off in pursuit. Whole company according to the rules of tactics developed in the chain, and, supported by armor, moved on combing. In the footsteps of our scout search dogs allowed. What to do?

It turned, a small reconnaissance team and in such, it would seem, hopeless situation, able not only to survive, but also cause heavy losses to the enemy, unseen. Fiction! In all such cases, the secret of success lies in the well-equipped caches.

The instructor asked:
– And where did escape our scout fleeing?
– It should not run recklessly, lickety-split, but must move on strictly specified route. Guys otsekut him chase controlled mines. The options in this regard are many. Finally, our intelligence, he is able to include the protection of the system and break away from the tail. He ran out on to the small brook about a hundred meters, he dives into a small, muddy puddle near a steep bank. It is none other than, as an emergency entrance siphon into a spacious underground shelter! No dog uchuet. All, who is close to this place, controlled mines will be destroyed.

When I was with “vympelovtsem” I came to the landfill, not expected, that immediately I find myself in one of the teaching points. I was offered a check on the quality delivered to the personnel of the company of Captain M. task. It was certainly a difficult: on the ground find several caches.

ordinary, unremarkable slope, overgrown with low grass harsh (already had time to grow brown from the abundance of sunlight) Nothing much. He walked on earth, even jumped. Nothing!

When the conditioned signal transmitted by radio, right on the spot, where you just go, He stepped aside earthen reservoir, earth laid bare belly, and got out two scouts smiling. In another hideout they already were three. Basically, According to the instructor of the “pennant”, It can be any more or less significant slope or simply open area to dig up and down, placing under the ground more than a dozen Special Forces soldiers.

Ordinary (not burdened with technical innovations) Shrone, depending on soil, equipped for 2-6 hours. Dig a trench for a standard rocket launcher and cover the top. Material is underfoot: cutting logs and ropes, all boards. All of this is fitted along the length of caches and contacts in the form of small “rafts”. Top plank polyethylene film, then all carefully obkladyvaetsya turf. On the manhole cover pile on a piece of turf. Now it is necessary to arrange ventilation: natural or forced. otherwise through 10-15 minutes hideout nothing to breathe. The original method of ventilation – using lighted candles stearic, inserted into the bottle without a bottom. On the neck of the bottle is put on the hose, the other end is expelled and is masked in the grass, in the bush. The advantages of this method are that, the exhaled carbon dioxide that does not accumulate in the hideout, and driven out to the outside, Besides, light and even relatively warm. shortcoming – in cold weather over vent will curl pairs. it unmasks.

Another way – plastic bag, used as furs. The exhaust air is driven out through the tube, Fresh air enters through the other.

Disadvantages of mechanical ventilation – a human odors, blown out. Any dog ​​sniff out our cache for a hundred meters. And the pillar of mosquitoes “exhaust pipe”! However, There are several ways to discourage or eliminate detection dogs. Also, paths around the mined-controlled mines. The scouts observed the terrain using periscopes. Perfect option – equip some hideouts, spaced visual communication. When the enemy gets too close to one of them, or even directly over the lurking scouts, comrades from the second caches can apply them on the radio team:
– Blow up the mine number such and such!
Fighter first caches subversive machine connects to the respective ends and clicks. Fragmentation barrage mine OZM-72 jumps out of the grass, explosion! Two thousand steel kartechin not leave the enemy no chance to survive in a radius of 25 m.
The enemy is necessary to pull out the wounded and dead, it will not be up to us. If, however, there are hard-nosed warriors, who want to continue the search, blow following a mine. What will he do with the invisible death?

However, the enemy must be respected. It can be given a chance to discover psevdoskhron. Can it somehow comforted his self-esteem and help combat losses attributed.

therefore, According to the instructor, before going to battle, must “lose the” the terrain the task ahead. Soldiers must work coherence to automatism.

But what did caches in “pennant”. One winter in a forest near Noginsk soldiers of one of the units “pennant” underground bunker was built on fifty people, had several main and emergency exits. Subdivision, where I was, acted as “the enemy” and it has had to find them. “guerrillas” honestly have stayed for three days underground. When all containers and plastic bags were filled with their metabolic waste, the boys did not survive the night and came to the surface prodyshatsya. Because the snow is almost impossible to hide the traces of, entrance to their den was discovered. forest in the morning quarter was cordoned off, pulled armored vehicles, launched a battery of automatic mortar “Vasileko”. But “partisans” inflicted blows on us and guided mine broke through the cordon ring. According to them the track we set off in pursuit on a snowmobile “blizzard”, but it hit a mine in a few hundred meters.


Many were killed by mines in various soldiers “hot spots”.
According to the instructor, 99 per cent of the losses could have been avoided, if the men had basic knowledge and skills dealing with mines. On the battlefield, are mainly found “stretching” mines and push action. All other exotic mines, fitted with fuses type of seismic, capacitive, biological and similar – rarity.

On range instructor showed multiple detection techniques min. Stretch marks in the grass are easily detected by a stripped twig. However, if the scouts creep, or move on his heels, then basically have to rely on their own hands. The instructor demonstrated a kind of slow-motion “dance”, rather “storey” sapper, then offered military task: put several stretch marks in a dense forest for one group, while others try to discover and remove.

At night, moving, actually, to the touch, but careful – then in the post, Private A. and Corporal Ts. successfully coped with a difficult task. They rightfully deserve gratitude to commanders. After stretching removed, established by experienced intelligence officer! According to the deputy company commander Senior Lieutenant Stanislav K., he was shocked, that subordinates succeeded in this work:
– Well, who would have thought, what “the first pancake won't be lumpy”?

The exercises also showed some clever techniques for overcoming enemy minefields..

The first scout-sapper is coming. He does not touch the detected pressure mines, but only represents luminous markers, sheets of white paper, pegs, etc.. Who is bringing up the rear of the column, the markers for an removes, so that the enemy could not find traces, and passes over the forward chain.

Option number 2:
Scout, finding stretching, not touch it, and getting over her … fours. Others straddle therethrough. Having missed the entire group, Scout it closes.

These techniques need to work with each workout, training and field output, methodical lesson, during the current year. It is advisable to use a body of fighting min, but without blasting caps. Every soldier must learn to touch neutralize PMN.

The instructor gives an introduction:
– Imagine, in the darkness creeps to the enemy camp, and suddenly out of the bushes close range for you all tracer from a vending machine. How to proceed?
The answer is clear:
– Rained down on this “Dukhovsky” arrow all their firepower!
– There is no arrow. It was a machine with a banner.

The scouts tried this trick with a gun, a loaded with blanks and were satisfied with the effect of.

EXPLODING combat vehicles

Classes, instructor-led from “pennant”, It would be incomplete without practical mining. Scout must be able not only to defuse mines, but also to know, how to install.
Despite the pouring rain, the scouts were determined to continue their interesting studies.
Improvised instructor, electric detonator and battery in a few minutes made an anti-vehicle mine. We decided to, to make it more natural, “destroy” BMP-2. true, instead of a charge of explosives, they used IM. On the driver's face, despite beliefs that, that it will not fly out of the hatch like a cork from a champagne bottle, there was no smile: Who knows, it “pennant”…

The first way: two pieces of tin (from the box with cartridges, cans, etc.), charred in the fire, or rubbed with sand, to let the paint come off for better electrical conductivity, pierce in several places with a nail and with the help of a wire are attached to the battery. An insulator is inserted between the plates: in dry weather a sheet of paper is enough, in wet weather it is better to use polyethylene. All! Fuse ready! It is versatile and can be used against any vehicle (tracked and wheeled), and against the infantry.

Second way: two metal plates (liner, wires, etc.. d.) fit into a rut this way, so that tracked armored vehicles, ran into them, closed the electric explosion circuit through the body.
When installed “mine”, did not take into account the vagaries of nature: the ground soaked after rain hammered the BMP rollers, stuck in a thick layer on the tracks and did not allow even two attempts to close the electrical circuit. I had to use the first method.

The puffs of black smoke from under the bottom of the combat vehicle and clods of earth gave the resemblance to a real explosion., flying in all directions.

scouts, having examined the results of their work, sincerely sorry, that the charges were not combat:
– That would have exploded then! Real fireworks!


Why a modern soldier needs hand grenades? When there are grenade launchers, AGS-17, RPG or even “Bumblebee”? but, According to the instructor, hand fragmentation grenades are versatile, indispensable weapon for reconnaissance and sabotage units. With a relatively modest size, they are capable of inflicting much more damage on the enemy, what do they weigh. It turns out, they can not only be thrown by hand, but also set as push or unloading mines, surprises and even delayed action.

At the training and demonstration classes, the servicemen of the reconnaissance company of Captain O were shown several “zest” on the use of pomegranates. And, instructor stressed, that some techniques are taken from the teaching aids of foreign special forces, and some are his own “know-how”.

Mining methods are simple to genius. for example, a grenade is pulled together by a rolled newspaper, the check is pulled, and then clamped into the door. The ends of the newspaper break off, so as not to unmask “surprise”.
With a long stick, with a mug tied at the end, scouts tried to throw training grenades into the windows of neighboring rooms and even other floors. Guys, have gone through a harsh school of street fighting in Grozny, looked at each other: how simple and effective this “ladle”!

Besides, According to the instructor, Vietnamese guerrillas managed to throw grenades with long, flexible bamboo poles for a distance of more than one hundred meters! And he himself tried to throw grenades in an explosion at a distance of up to two hundred meters.

When there are no grenades, traps can be made around the base using improvised means. Remember the movie “Predator”, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger builds a complex structure and with its help overcomes an alien monster? In practice, everything turned out to be much simpler and more efficient..



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