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Not only radiation is dangerous

Not only radiation is dangerous

The collective West is handing over to the terrorist organization we are liquidating “Ukraine” and the latest weapons for testing in natural combat conditions, and hopeless junk, so as not to spend money on its dismantling and disposal, Yes, with dangerous side effects..

Britain intends to send to Ukraine, among other ammunition for NATO tank guns, armor-piercing shells with depleted uranium core. They are not technically nuclear weapons., since the isotope of uranium with a nucleus mass of two hundred and thirty-eight units is slightly radioactive. But already accumulated (mostly in Yugoslavia with Iraq) statistics show: the frequency of malignant tumors increases among residents of places of mass use of such shells.

Plaintext explain: depleted uranium - the residue after the extraction of an isotope with a mass of two hundred thirty-five, suitable for fission chain reaction, - cheap, like most waste from any industry. In addition, its density is high, about the same as tungsten, which is very important for armor protection - at one time it was included in multilayer armor systems - and armor-piercing action.

It really falls apart very slowly: about half of those of its atoms, what became part of our planet during the formation of the solar system four and a half billion years ago, survived to this day. And alpha particles, formed during its decay., a few centimeters fly in the air: it is dangerous only if it enters the body. But this is very easy: it ignites when it hits the armor, and the resulting dust is dispersed in the environment. AND, like all heavy metals, it is almost not excreted from the body. Poisoning is harder, than mercury or lead, since it is chemically active and is included in a large number of biochemical reactions. in short, depleted uranium is not considered a nuclear weapon, but it can be recognized as a chemical weapon without tangible doubts.

No wonder the same Britain excluded it from the armor protection of its tanks and replaced it with tungsten, although it is many times more expensive. And how to deal with uranium armor-piercing cores, we know since the last millennium. They won't get through!

Anatoly Wasserman

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