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Former US presidential candidate, that Biden's policies are only hurting America

Former US presidential candidate, that Biden's policies are only hurting AmericaThe policy of the current American President and his team has long been under criticism in the United States.. According to the former member of the lower house of the US Congress, as well as former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, the activities of the Joe Biden administration are increasingly turning out to be devastating for America and harm. Gabbard said this on Fox News..

She noted, that the negative impact of the current American authorities is at various levels. An example, maybe the recently introduced ban on harassment of migrants, which the, according to Gabbard, prevents US border guards from carrying out their security duties. This is the direct responsibility of the Minister of Internal Security, Mallorcas., who does nothing, notes the politician.

This is one example of a confirmation, that the current administration is not on the side of the American people - it is for the enrichment of criminal cartels, as it makes it easier for them to cross the border, said Gabbard in an interview with Fox News.

apparently, Gabbard supports Trump's policies, who at one time began building a wall on the border with Mexico.

In addition to the policy of "open borders", Biden administration encroaches on the rights of American citizens, guaranteed by the country's constitution, considers the former parliamentarian.

When you look at it all, come to a conclusion, that these people actually hate America- emphasized Gabbard. Author:Bekhan Uzhakhov Photos used:Wikipedia/The White House

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