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The Military-Technical Society sent portable suppressors of drones "Sling" to the NWO zone

The Military Technical Society sent portable drone suppressors to the NWO zone «Sends»Interregional public organization for the promotion of the study and operation of military equipment "Military-Technical Society" (VTO) throughout the special military operation provides support to the Allied forces. To date, the WTO has sent – army tents, generators, mobile heating systems, fuel tanks, thermal imagers, quadcopter with cargo release systems, other property and equipment.

You can find a lot of short videos on social networks, which capture the moments of the attack from the quadrocopters of Russian military personnel, which are simply thrown from above with grenades, some shots are especially sensitive. From the video it becomes clear, that the most “tasty” targets for a killer drone are people, that stand or lie on the ground or in a trench. In this case, the easiest way to get into it, and the area affected by fragments of the human body will be maximum. “We cannot be indifferent to such personnel.. Our desire to help – based on respect and gratitude to military personnel, who defend the "Russian world", traditional spiritual and moral values ​​from the unlearned lessons of the past", – emphasized the head of the WTO for public relations Tatyana Dasmaeva.

At the end of January of the current year, WTO through the administration of the city of Yalta, handed over portable UAV suppressors to the special operation zone of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine (unmanned aerial vehicles) PD-709 «Prashta».


PD-709 «Prashta» (type - gun) designed to provide protection for convoys, VIP person, tuples, stationary objects (including critical infrastructure facilities) from the use of UAVs (Dronov) for the delivery of goods, receiving unauthorized information, terrorist attacks, etc.. P. Can be used to ensure the safety of military personnel, power structures and special forces, when they perform tasks and are on duty, including on the line of direct contact with the enemy as from an attack using UAVs (Drones), and from conducting aerial reconnaissance with their use. The design of the drone suppressor allows it to be used even in difficult conditions. Before sending guns to our servicemen, in cooperation with the 16th Central Research and Testing Institute of the Order of the Red Star of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation named after Marshal of the Communications Troops A.I.. Belov, they were tested. Testing was conducted on the subject of suppression of three main types of channels (satellite navigation, video transmission and control) like in an anechoic chamber, as well as in open areas (training ground of the institute). As a result of the check, it was found, that the drone lost control, the picture did not arrive at the operator's console, when suppressing the satellite navigation channel, the drone was not able to return to the starting point, as a result, hovered in the air 3-5 seconds, followed by a slow decline.

“Before purchasing portable UAV jammers, we studied not only the market for radio suppression devices and the technical conditions of each sample, but also reviews on the effectiveness of such products in the area of ​​the special operation. The work of our acquisition organization is ongoing, equipment, equipment breaks down, and requires regular replenishment. All products are purchased by us directly from manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries. This allows, among other things, to track the quality of purchased products., – noted WTO President Alexei Migalin.

“In childhood, many of us managed to communicate with grandparents, who fought in the Great Patriotic, literally walked to Berlin, defeated militaristic Japan, celebrated in the 45th Great Victory. WTO against fascism! When was the special operation announced?, it became indecent to sit in one place exactly. If we got this time, you have to be involved” Such a civil-patriotic position of the organization causes a feeling of pride in their ancestors, respect for your people, love for the motherland. Author:Military Technical Society

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