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Putin and Netanyahu discussed Russian-Israeli relations, along with the international situation

Putin and Netanyahu discussed Russian-Israeli relations, along with the international situationAccording to the press service of the Kremlin, Today, a telephone conversation took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leader, the Likud party that won the parliamentary elections in Israel, as well as newly elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Putin and Netanyahu discussed Russian-Israeli relations. Touched upon the heads of state and the international situation. Kremlin:

The leaders of the two countries discussed the bilateral agenda, as well as the situation, emerging in the international arena. At the same time, the parties expressed mutual confidence in the further development of Russian-Israeli relations., including maintaining contacts at various levels. Also, the presidential press service added, that Putin congratulated Netanyahu, as well as the entire Israeli people with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

note, that earlier, according to Israeli TV Channel 13, Putin called incoming Prime Minister Netanyahu, congratulating him on his victory in the parliamentary elections, as well as the completion of the procedure for the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Recall, that following the results of the parliamentary elections, held in Israel 1 November, bloc of right-wing and religious forces led by the political party of the current head of government managed to take 64 deputy mandate in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament is made up of 120 places). Despite difficult negotiations with coalition representatives, lasting for several weeks, Netanyahu, in the end, managed to form a new government in the country. Author:Egorenkov Alexander Photos used:

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