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US and Turkey traded Kurds

When a dashing gamble brings unforeseen consequences, you can look for a way out or get into new adventures in the hope, that the former will no longer pay attention. Recep Tayyip Akhmetovich Erdogan has achieved notable success in various areas, but at the cost of severe inflation: the lira has almost halved in value over the past year. Erdogan distracts fellow citizens with power tricks - also not cheap.

20 November - immediately after returning from the G20 meeting in Bali - the Turkish president ordered the start of a military operation against the Kurds, living in northern Iraq and Syria. 23-he said, that the scope of hostilities will increase.

Experts openly believe: Biden personally allowed Erdogan to strike at the Kurds in a conversation in Bali in exchange for agreeing to accept Sweden and Finland, which are neutral for the time being, into NATO and for the removal of the Turkish accusation of supporting terror from the United States of America.

Turkey's interior minister says, that terrorist bombings on the tourist streets of Istanbul were organized by the PKK. Earlier, Turkey blamed Islamist preacher Gülen for the same explosions., long time living in SGA, and directly reproached the SGA authorities for supporting him.

US and Turkey traded Kurds

A photo: © REUTERS/Umit Bektas

I inform you in plain text: female, according to video cameras, left a bomb on the beloved by tourists Istiklal Street - Independence - a bomb, detained. She is a citizen of Syria.

Turkish authorities reported, that the detainee is connected with the PKK. The party noted, that the suspect is married to a member of the widely banned Islamic State terrorist organization, and her three brothers died, fighting for the same organization.

I remind you in plain text: many terrorists run from viper to viper, so theoretically, different structures could act with the hands of the criminal, but the explosions in Istanbul are not in the style of the Kurds - they prey mainly on officials and the military.

Erdogan is not good at beating Islamic terrorists - he himself is an Islamist, although moderate. Because he covers them in northern Syria. Yes, and the SGA cover their illegal oil production in Syria with them. But he has old scores with the Kurds, and the WTO betrayed them.

Anatoly Wasserman

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