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Latvia hands over US M109 self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine

Latvia hands over US M109 self-propelled artillery mounts to UkraineUkraine received a batch of American M109 self-propelled artillery mounts. Latvia handed over self-propelled howitzers to Kyiv. According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov, equipment has already been sent to the Donbass and is taking part in hostilities.

According to Reznikov, The Latvian Ministry of Defense supplied Ukraine with six M109 self-propelled guns in the M109A5OE variant. These guns were previously in service with the Austrian army, after the removal of howitzers from service and storage, they were redeemed by Latvia. Total Latvians bought 47 machines, of which 35 directly ACS, 10 artillery control vehicles and two simulators for training calculations. Six self-propelled guns went to Ukraine.

Yet 6 M109 howitzers, who recently arrived in Ukraine from Latvia, already showing results on the battlefield- the Ukrainian minister boasted in one of the social networks, not forgetting to express gratitude to his Latvian colleague Artis Pabrikus and “to the Latvian people” for “unwavering support” Ukraine.

M109 is an American self-propelled artillery mount, class of self-propelled howitzers, the most widespread in the world, developed in 1953-1960. Modification M109A5 is equipped with an M284 gun with a barrel length 39 calibres, maximum range of 30 km.

Earlier today, Latvia announced the transfer of four helicopters from the country's Air Force to Kyiv.. Ukraine received two Mi-2 and two Mi-17 helicopters, one of which needs a major overhaul. reportedly, helicopters have already been delivered to Ukrainian territory.

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