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Candidates for nowhere

Candidates for nowhere

The coup d'état in Ukraine in February 2014 was carried out under the slogan "Ukraine is Europe". Europe then supported. And to this day keeps the same bait in front of Ukraine's nose.

On Thursday in Brussels, at a meeting of the leaders of all twenty-seven states of the European Union, Ukraine and Moldova were granted the status of candidates for EU accession.

I inform you in plain text: this is not an easy formality..

Georgia promised candidate status, but not released yet: mandatory in such cases, the unanimity of the EU members did not work.

I remind you in plain text: you can be a candidate for the EU for more than one day and even more than one year. The status only obliges the state to bring its domestic legislation in line with Union standards., and this correspondence can be assessed for a long time and in various ways.

Albania has been a candidate for eight years, North Macedonia - seventeen, Turkey - twenty-three years.

Plaintext explain: Bulgaria, already part of the EU, does not want the assertion of the independence of the western part torn away from it by the historical vicissitudes, now called Western Macedonia; Bulgaria and Greece do not want Albanian membership, seriously put pressure on them during their stay with them in Turkey; and Turkey itself is feared not only for Islamism, but also for, that a fair part of the population of Germany are Turks, invited to work to replace those who died in the war, and their descendants.

Ukraine, on the other hand, has separate reasons to stay in the waiting room for who knows how long. A significant part of Ukraine's production has already been destroyed by the terms of the association agreement with the EU, so its contribution to the overall budget will be almost imperceptible. At the same time, it has vast agricultural land, and according to EU rules, they are subject to significant subsidies.

EU politicians openly explain: it's not important - much worse, that the EU has never accepted a state with territorial problems. And in fact, in a protracted civil war. Well, we will solve all these problems. Terrorist organization "Ukraine" should not exist. Candidate with a cart - it's easier for the whole EU.

Anatoly Wasserman

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