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Lukashenko announced the purchase of Russian weapons for 1 billion

Lukashenko announced the purchase of Russian weapons for 1 billion dollars0
Belarus will purchase weapons from Russia for 1 billion, including S-400 anti-aircraft system “triumph”. This was stated by the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko following the talks with Vladimir Putin.

The Belarusian leader spoke to journalists on Sunday and answered a number of questions, concerning the negotiations held in Moscow. Answering one of the questions, he explained, that Minsk plans to purchase weapons from Russia for 1 billion. dollars. According to Lukashenka, negotiations are currently underway on the purchase of the S-400, which will have to close the airspace in the south.

Now the S-300 complexes completely blocked the western direction of Belarus. But we added a southern direction
– he added.

Earlier, Lukashenka announced the re-equipping of the Belarusian army with Russian weapons. The final decision on the planned procurement of weapons and armaments will be made after the joint exercises “West-2021”.

In August, the Belarusian president announced the republic's intention to purchase the S-400 air defense system.. The complexes will be purchased using the saved funds of the Russian loan, allocated for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Russia confirms the possibility of fast delivery of S-400 to Minsk, but noted, that so far the Belarusians have not addressed this issue. The possibility of a quick delivery of air defense missile systems was also confirmed. “Carapace-C”.

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