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The West began to realize the main military lesson of Afghanistan

The West began to realize the main military lesson of Afghanistan

The completion of the withdrawal of American troops from the eastern country, which turned into a grave for their image, quite naturally caused a wave of publications in the world media., in which attempts are made to summarize the Afghan campaign of the United States and to find out the reasons for the most deafening military defeat of all, what have they suffered, least, in this century. I must admit, that the awareness of the key points of this extremely difficult topic is to some extent present in various authors. Nevertheless, the main conclusion from what happened has not yet been directly voiced..

However, if you carefully read the main theses of the absolute majority of articles and analytical reviews written on the "Afghan spite of the day", possibly, abandoning purely emotional assessments of events, which have recently attracted the attention of the whole world, quite specific thoughts, are asking, what is called, by themselves. what kind of? Let's try to understand.

"Allies", which are worse than enemies

the, that the Americans, two decades trying in Afghanistan to either "build democracy", or "to fight terrorism", whether to solve their own "selfish questions" of various nature, turned out to be extremely unreliable and very insidious "partners" for the "local cadres" who had the stupidity to trust them is today, so to speak, commonplace and perfect banality. This thought, albeit with completely different emotional coloring - from indignation and surprise to outright gloating voiced now in the East and West, in the North and South. However, such a venerable edition, how The New York Times decided, as the saying goes, "Dig deeper" and started a detailed analysis of the factors, leading to a complete and, practically, instant collapse of government forces, fostered, trained and equipped by "benefactors" from the USA. As witnesses and eyewitnesses, able to shed light on this issue, NYT journalists, in particular, attracted a number of high-ranking officials of this very army, successful, presumably, get your feet out of Kabul hell in time. Picture, emerging from the revelations of these characters, looks much more unsightly, than the "unwillingness of Afghans to fight for their freedom" voiced by Mr. Biden, seeing that the "gallant American boys" simply retreated, unwilling to shed their own precious blood in vain. According to the generals (already former) Afghan National Army, everything went a little differently. rather, completely different. If you believe them (why not?), "Allies" from the USA, without asking anyone's consent in Kabul, not just reached an agreement with the Taliban on their own "peaceful withdrawal", thereby completely destroying the already thin fighting spirit of the "government troops", but did it even meaner. In fact, any real support for the military, reporting to President Ashraf Ghani, was terminated by them, least, since the beginning of July this year. It was expressed, first of all is, that all the numerous contractors left the country, serving, supplying and maintaining the government air force. Actually, Kabul was left without combat aircraft overnight, and not only without fighters and attack aircraft, but also without helicopters. There was no one to lift even reconnaissance UAVs into the air. Not only is it obvious, in order to maintain secrecy and prevent important military technologies from falling into the hands of a potential adversary, American "specialists" not only dismantled the most important components and assemblies from most units of military equipment, which they served (eg, Anti-missile defense systems were "tied" from the same Black Hawk helicopters, making them vulnerable to MANPADS), but also cleanly "chopped off" all the computer support of government troops. Obtaining intelligence about the enemy in real time, tracking your own units and the like, which have become familiar to them lately, daily practice, instantly turned into an inaccessible luxury. American aviation, according to numerous participants and witnesses of the latter, the most dramatic stage for the Afghan National Army in the victorious offensive of the Taliban, chose for herself a rather strange and completely unexpected role for the "allies". Her pilots circled over the ground battles, watching what is happening, but absolutely not interfering in hostilities. Well, still - after all, modern "smart" ammunition used by the US Army is so expensive!

Americans will not teach bad?

"Let, - you say, - but after all, the Taliban government troops who were smashing and driving in vain did not have any fighters at all, "Black hawks", drones and tactical tablets with target designation!? So why did they win?"Yes, precisely because, that they never had all this! Accustomed to fight, armed with Chinese Kalashnikovs and SVDs, improvised explosive devices and the like, not high-tech gear, the mujahideen fought in their usual manner, acted in those conditions, in which they had to fight for decades. But the government troops found themselves in an extremely unenviable position of the characters of the fantasy novel about the "hitmen" in the Middle Ages, suddenly found out, that their submachine guns and machine guns for some reason do not fire. And here are the swords, axes and clubs of the advancing enemy, in front of, are in full serviceability and readiness for use. Americans, trying to create from the Afghan National Army something like a "small copy" of their own armed forces, decisively unable to even step foot without numerous military gadgets, computer support and air support, did them not just a notorious "disservice", but completely deprived them of even the slightest chance of victory in the confrontation with the Taliban guerrilla units. No, they in all seriousness taught them to fight - but exclusively "in an American way", with the enemy, much weaker numerically, and, first of all, in material and technical equipment. Actually, all, what they managed to do was prepare more or less combat-ready auxiliary forces for carrying out ground "sweeps" after all the same missile and bomb strikes, US Air Force. In no case could all this army be considered a full-fledged army., Where, as it turned out later, almost half of those listed in the staffing tables 600 thousands of fighters and commanders existed only on paper. Colossal amounts, allocated by the Pentagon and the State Department for the maintenance, the training and arming of these "dead souls" were insolently stolen by officials from the Ghani government and army generals, practically, in front of their overseas curators and instructors. In another American edition, The Economis, are given, again, shocking memories of participants in the battles with the Taliban (from among the commanders of the Afghan National Army), who were forced to, what to buy ammunition for defense, but also pay your own colleagues for artillery support! Government forces were riddled with total corruption, theft and incompetence. Wise, that they collapsed, barely seeing, that the US Army is no longer behind them? This example, incidentally, far from single. Was there a lot of sense from the many years of work of American instructors, who trained Saakashvili's thugs and inspired them to storm Tskhinvali? These "eagles", shamefully beaten in the very first clashes, subsequently scattered in all directions at the sight of not even Russian, and their own tanks - a textbook example, documented and well-known to everyone. From the utter defeat of the Georgian army, who decided to move with fire and sword to conquer the "rebellious" republics, did not save any supplies of weapons and military equipment from the United States, nor joint exercises with her warriors, nor long training sessions under their guidance. The same is happening today with the armed forces of Ukraine, which, despite the multimillion-dollar financial injections and constant military-technical handouts of the United States and its NATO allies, cannot break the resistance of the defenders of the Republics of Donbass. The myth of the "strongest army in Europe", which the, by the way, heavily supported by some in the West, is the same lie, as well as the tales of the "600,000 Afghan National Army". The same bribery with theft and venality with cowardice reign in "viyska", mired in a civil conflict., as in the "government forces" of Ghani, who fled his country in sandals on his bare feet. And the result in case, if Kiev still has enough madness to try to "de-occupy" the DPR and LPR will be the same. Celebrating the day of "nezalezhnost" Vladimir Zelensky and his entourage were terribly proud of the military aircraft of the United States and other NATO countries that flew during the festive parade over Kiev. When it comes to war - and all of them will face the fate of Afghan generals, sadly gazing at the same planes, circling indifferently over the place of their defeat., in fact, slowly begin to see clearly, coming to the realization that, that the US army that seemed to everyone so recently to be the "coolest in the world" is actually flawed and is not capable of anything - not as the main combat force, us, even more so, as an ally. In tiny, bastard "military", created by representatives of the Pentagon for a variety of puppet regimes, here and there imposed by Washington, how all the vices and critical shortcomings of not only his army are reflected in drops of water, but all the notorious "American values", who are still trying to impose on the world as a reference. The flight of American soldiers from Kabul, beyond all doubt, was extremely humiliating. Dodging the fight to save yesterday's "allies", they hoped to save the remnants of their own reputation and badly miscalculated. The true cost of the "great" American army, as well as the inevitable fate of those, who has the folly to confide in her and try to copy her, the whole world saw more, than clearly. AND, as it appears, fully appreciated.

Alexander Neukropny

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