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Julia Vityazeva: Why was Shoigu concerned with the issue of moral decay of society?

Julia Vityazeva: Why was Shoigu concerned with the issue of moral decay of society?

Yesterday Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke about internal threats. Namely - about everything, what is connected with, which gradually corrupts society

Just two small examples. Also from yesterday.

Example one: in the comments under my article about helping the children of Donbass, which are not strangers to us, people came running shouting about, that they have children of their own, and they don't need the children of the separatists.

For the sake of interest, I studied the tapes of these fiery tribunes. And there - as a carbon copy: give low prices for everything, high salary just like that and a cozy sofa, from which I will give you valuable advice. And so that Putin personally every month brings an envelope with a share for the oil sold. Brother, Yes! You still have to take away and divide everything. But only between those, who scolds the loudest. The rest will grind.

Example two: my indignation at the, that the Moscow theater is staging, overtly promoting homosexuality, also caused a storm of indignation. Including among those, whom, at first sight, cannot be attributed to the LGBT community.

I suspect, that most of the indignant do not go to theaters at all, but the fact, that somewhere there is a place, where you can, do not embarrass, cry over the plight of Russian gays, apparently, it warms the soul. Or some other place. But these, like me, deprive these, already humiliated and insulted, last chance to be heard.

It would seem - well, think, Someone does not care about the children of Donbass, but some feel sorry for all the gays? Well, what's wrong?

But the trick is, that these are the same people, in the coordinate system of which the interests and rights of homosexuals are more priority than the rights and interests of children of Donbass.

properly, this is one example of the decay of society, which Shoigu spoke about.

I will say more. If you set a goal and do a little research, it turns out, that the vast majority of those, whom I have designated - listeners of "Echo of Moscow" and readers of "Novaya Gazeta", where the tragedy of Donbass is systematically neutralized, but exaggerate the "suffering" of sexual minorities.

And this long and methodical work bears fruit.. For, liquefying all this endless shit people brain, they decompose their souls too, inspiring your audience with those narratives, which are beneficial. And, beneficial to them and their owners.

Do not believe me? And you take a look at any poll on the same "Echo". Just prepare in advance. For questions and results will overwhelmingly shake your faith in humanity..

Well, read a couple of blozhiks there. After drinking cognac and valerian. As a sedative.

And also be sure to listen to Vitya Shenderovich. And Plyushcheva with Felgenhauer - for dessert.

Now I am writing all this, in parallel remembering that, how these freaks laughed and scoffed at the kid who died from the Ukrainian shell, and clearly understand, why it was Shoigu who took care of the issue of moral decay of society.

And because without the Ministry of Defense this cesspool cannot be dispersed already, apparently. And this issue can only be resolved by tough uncompromising. Like in war.

Because this is war. Them with us, and ours - with them. And, not only for minds, but also for souls. They dig into with their rotten teeth, trying to infect everyone with his rot, who can be reached.

Julia Vityazeva

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