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Who is Isfandiyar Vahabzadeh, rudely offended the Russian people

Who is Isfandiyar Vahabzadeh, rudely offended the Russian people

Former Azerbaijani diplomat calls Russians "stinking pigs". What else is he managed to become famous?

The extremely unpleasant scandal with the "joke" of the comedian Idrak Mirzalizade did not have time, in which he rudely and arrogantly scolded the "Russian uncleanliness" (there were other words, we translate them into cultural language), how another Azeri burst into a stream of disgusting insults towards the Russian people.

Honestly, as the saying goes: once - an accident, two - coincidence, three - pattern. We are still in the second stage. And this is very unpleasant. Highly! Because it's not particularly clear, but what to do when moving to stage "number three"?..

Well, about a comedian fool, received literally the other day 10 days of arrest for your "jokes" - everything is clear, he earned his own (although, between us speaking, article 282 about inciting ethnic hatred here could be applied with greater severity). But what to do with Isfandiyar Vahabzadeh, who was never a comedian and never joked, when in plain text he identified the smell of a pig and a nation in an address to one well-known politician.

To which? To Zhirinovsky. How are we all perfectly in the know, Vladimir Volfovich is a master of sharp words, and often does not hold back there, where it would be worth being more restrained. Of course, perhaps, and it did not cost him in his emotional (as usual) tirade addressed to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to be indignant with "sidelong glances" at Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh, and even more so - to offer to "call Aliyev on the carpet". What to do, Zhirinovsky is Zhirinovsky ...

But Vahabzadeh translated the controversy of the Liberal Democratic Party leader with the President of Azerbaijan into a conflict of two nations, one of which, according to Vahabzade, supplies the Russians with “caviar, fish, money", and herself - "dying of hunger" (Jesus, what does he carry?!), and the second - "stinks like a pig" (these are his words). In a striking way, the insult correlates with the attacks of Mirzalizade ...

To be quite frank and a little politically incorrect, then it is not the insult itself that infuriates most of all, and its authors. OK, reluctantly and looking down, you can take a reproach of uncleanliness from the Japanese, Finns, Swiss ... but from Azerbaijanis? let's, perhaps, let's just agree, that none of us stinks - but we will not compete in this strange competition.

After watching a couple of times the video (available on the Internet, we do not give the link) with abuse Vahabzadeh, you start to understand, what in front of you is just a stupid person. Just like that, yes - not far, limited, very smug (third quality, as is known, stems from the first two) human. And how is this assumption confirmed, as soon as you start googling any information about, who is arrogant about himself, what “I'm not an easy person, I am a doctor of science, Professor"! There is such an amazing guy looming, just catch the jaw!

so, Isfandiyar Vagabzade. A clear example of the monstrous consequences of nepotism and nepotism was the son of the famous Azerbaijani poet Bakhtiyar Vagabzade, who, with a purely oriental persistence, was busy with his son, promoted him up the career ladder, using their loud titles and regalia. By itself, lack of talent in the presence of patronage played with the "son of Lieutenant Schmidt" the worst service - to his misfortune, he went on the diplomatic path, and so it went, so went!

Just headlines, nothing needs to be added here: «Isfandiyar Vahabzade, who joined Ali Insanov, turned the guest house of Azerbaijan in Moldova into a nest for love pleasures ", "Confession of an offended" thug ": how Isfandiyar Vagabzade slandered the head of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan " and so on, etc. Generally, the person is really difficult. true, no complete certainty, that this is exactly a person in the real sense of the word ...

At some point, the critical inconsistency of show-offs and jambs with the positions held led Mr. Vagabzadeh to dismissal from the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.. He was very offended, and immediately threw himself into the camp of the opposition (Yes, there is still opposition in Azerbaijan). There, too, did not achieve great heights, and, as the information is not quite accurate, now moved to the USA. Where did he write down his revelations to Zhirinovsky?, and the whole Russian people. Well, and what is he now, in fact - the fence is high, you can bark.

properly, this is the main thing, what we need to understand and remember: it is not a representative of the Azerbaijani establishment who said such bright nonsense, and the fugitive representative of the opposition there. Therefore, take offense at Azerbaijan: "Hey, Why are you keeping such fools there??"- meaningless. They just don't hold them. Fools from the United States are trying to speak for both peoples at once and quarrel between them.

But this is all very good, of course ... But still some it would not hurt to hear an official reaction from Baku. It is understandable and that a runaway, and that the oppositionist, and so on, but just humanly to explain to the big northern neighbor, that not everyone in Azerbaijan thinks like this wild Russophobe - it would be very worth it. And that, know, many here can inadvertently gain a foothold in the wrong (wrong after all, right?) opinion, that the Azerbaijani people agree with Vahabzade. It won't be good, agree?

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