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"Disorder reigns in the Ukrainian army": General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke after his dismissal

«Disorder reigns in the Ukrainian army»: General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke after his dismissal
In Ukraine, the dismissal from the ranks of the country's armed forces of Major General Sergei Krivonos is being discussed, who previously served as deputy secretary of the NSDC and first deputy commander of special operations forces (WCS). The general announced his dismissal from the ranks of the Armed Forces on the page on the social network, noting, that the dismissal was carried out without a report. At the same time, Krivonos himself makes it clear, that he had a conflict with the higher command because of his dissatisfaction with the course of the current authorities.

Ukrainian major general writes, that he wanted to serve the state, and adds:

But I will not serve and I do not know how. Therefore, they fired, said, that there are no posts for me.
Krivonos notes, that there are enough posts in the Armed Forces, but for him "they are not", since he is not part of the "Zelensky office team".

Krivonos noted, that today the Ukrainian army is in disorder.

This disorder reigns in the Ukrainian state itself.
- the general is sure.

The officer emphasizes, that the country is already openly cracking down on those, who tries to speak out about problems, be solved. also added, that “dirty tricks are used against many of those, who is not in the team, formed by the presidential office and which is not going to solve problems or simply does not know how ".

In connection with the dismissal of General Krivonos without a report from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, notes appeared in the Ukrainian media that, that he was "overly critical of the president's team".

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