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German magazine predicted Germany's reaction to the clash between Russia and NATO

German magazine predicted Germany's reaction to the clash between Russia and NATO
Germany is unlikely to participate in a military conflict with Russia in the event of a clash with countries, NATO members. Writes about this German edition Handelsblatt.

According to the German publicist Wolfgang Munchau, speculated about a hypothetical military conflict involving Russia, the fifth article of the NATO charter, counting on, for example the Baltic countries, won't work instantly, and in some cases will not work at all. He cited Germany as an example., which most likely will not participate at all in the confrontation with Moscow.

Munchau writes, that a possible military conflict could erupt upon the capture of the Suvalki corridor by Russian troops. According to his conviction, Russia together with Belarus may try to connect the Kaliningrad region of Russia with the territory of the Union State, and it is best to do this in the area of ​​the Suvalkinsky corridor. Why does Russia need it, German publicist does not report.

but, he emphasizes, in case of such an invasion 5 NATO charter article won't work instantly, and some countries will simply ignore it, for example Germany, which prefers to establish good relations with Russia, and not fight her. Berlin hopes to complete “Northern Stream 2” and purchase a Russian vaccine against coronavirus.

Summarizing, Munchau notes, that the more European countries will depend on Russian gas and vaccines, the less they will be ready to fight with Russia, and “in Moscow they know it”.

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