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In the German press: NATO has few opportunities with regard to Ukraine versus Russia

In the German press: NATO has few opportunities with regard to Ukraine versus Russia
The European media continues to actively discuss the topic, related to checking the combat readiness of Russian troops. In the West, the movement of the RF Armed Forces on the western borders of the country is considered either "preparation for the invasion of Ukraine", or "muscle flexing of the Kremlin before the likely negotiations with Biden".

The situation is also discussed in the German press. Major German edition FAZ, commenting on the events of recent weeks, indicates that, what does NATO say about the "military crisis".

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Nobody in NATO believes Moscow's words about planned combat readiness check. The Kremlin distorts reality once again, moving tens of thousands of their military to the Ukrainian borders, ships from other waters to the Black Sea.
At the same time, the German author writes, that from the United States to Kiev, words are heard about the need to maintain restraint and not give in to panic. noted, that the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin announced "support for Ukraine", but more often in the West the phrase is heard about, that NATO will not fight with Russia because of Ukraine.

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In fact, this means a directive from the United States and NATO for Kiev.: Do nothing! What else can NATO say to Kiev. The alliance has few opportunities with regard to Ukraine against Russia. Ukraine is a NATO partner, but nothing more.
The German press notes, that NATO "gives in to Russia in Ukraine".

German media urge EU officials to act, which "could help Ukraine with anti-Russian sanctions". In particular, it is proposed to introduce economic sanctions for the alleged closure of the Sea of ​​Azov by Russia. Earlier statements that, that the Russian Federation closed the Kerch Strait for a long time, in Moscow called it untrue.

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