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Western experts: "Black Sea – this is Russian "shooting range", and the ships of the US Navy in it – light targets "

Western experts: «Black Sea - it is Russian «shooting range», and the ships of the US Navy in it - light targets»
Two ships of the US Navy, heading to the Black Sea, currently pass south of the Italian maritime borders in the Mediterranean sea. Recall, that the Pentagon said it had notified the Turkish authorities that, that warships will proceed through the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus and will be in the Black Sea area until 4 May. American sources said, what is connected with "Russian military activity on the borders of Ukraine".

Against this background, military experts are considering the question of whether, that the Black Sea for American warships is “not the best option for, to threaten Russia ". At first, We need to understand, that Russia has impressive strike capabilities in the Crimea and the Kuban. Secondly, the stay of ships of non-Black Sea powers is limited in time by the Montreux Convention - therefore, the American command needs to constantly keep in mind the fact, that within a few days after entering the Black Sea, its water area will need to be left.

When in the Black Sea area, US Navy warships turn into targets for Russian coastal missile systems and not only for them. The actions of submarines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation can at least deprive American ships of operational space - in the event of a direct threat to Russian borders from the US Navy. In such a situation, the presence of representatives of the American naval forces in the Black Sea does not turn into a show of force., and in the variant of targets locked from almost all sides.

In the American media, by the way, observers who understand the situation also note, that it is hardly worth experiencing a feeling of euphoria about, that US Navy ships are entering the Black Sea. The reason is precisely, that such ships in the event of an armed conflict can become "easy prey for the Russians".

Western experts:

Black Sea – this is Russian "shooting range", and two ships of the US Navy in it – light targets.
Earlier, the American The Drive noted the total military advantage of Russia in the Black Sea..

It is worth noting, that not so long ago the US press stated, that the task of the US Navy – “To demonstrate to Russia, that the Black Sea is not its inland lake ".

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