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Russia is not Ukraine

Russia is not Ukraine

And to, and after the coup 2014 years among the media and expert community of Ukraine, conversations about the narrow-mindedness and dementia of the Kremlin managers were popular, and indeed Russian officials in general. And the flagships in this were not stubborn supporters of the so-called war party, but quite blue and white mouthpieces of the once all-powerful Party of Regions.

I mentioned this in my articles many times.. Members of the Party of Regions, being in power, seriously considered their Russian colleagues to be narrow-minded, and considered themselves simply geniuses of economic and political thought. And some of them, Imagine, are still in these illusions.

"Ukrainian geniuses" snorted a lot at Russian managers. For example, expressed very strong skepticism about the construction of the Crimean bridge, import substitution programs and other Russian projects. by the way, none of them have heard a clear explanation about the, why, after all, Russia was able to build the Crimean bridge. Montyan tried, suggesting that, that “Putin succeeded, because this bridge was built by the whole world ". well yes, well, yes ... As in one of last year's articles, wangyu, that in five years it will justify the strength and grandeur of this structure by, that it was allegedly built by the Ukrainians. You will see. In general, Ukrainians are masters of appropriating other people's merits and attributing various genius people to the "Ukrainian nation", mostly Russians, did not know the Ukrainian language and did not suspect that, that such a nationality exists at all.

Recently, Shariya's party also excelled in this.. A lecture about the “patriarch of Ukrainian aviation” Stepan Grizodubov appeared on their informational and educational portal "YaSharyu". I look at the "not good" Wikipedia, it is written there: "... Russian and Soviet aircraft designer". I look at foreign sources, it's the same there: «Russian aircraft designer». If anyone does not know, then I will tell you, that Stepan Grizodubov is a hereditary Russian nobleman, his father held a prominent position in the office of the marshal of the nobility of the Sumy district with the rank of court councilor. His family had two languages: Russian and French, and no Ukrainian for you. He didn't study it, did not know, and to, I suppose so, didn't want to know.

And then why is he suddenly Ukrainian? A-a, I was born, worked and held government posts on the territory of present-day Ukraine. Objection. He was born on the territory of the Russian Empire, but not Ukraine. According to the same principle, modern Montenegrins should simply immediately name the Roman emperor Diocletian the Montenegrin patriarch of state and military thought.. He was born on the territory of modern Montenegro. And don't care, that there was no Montenegro at that time.

Well, how to say it ... then take everyone. By the same principle Shevka Adjuner (Turk), Anders Oslund (Swedish), Irakli Ezugbaya (Georgian), Aivaras Abromavicius (Lithuanian), Ulyana Suprun (American) and Wojciech Balchun (Polish) are Ukrainian statesmen and, therefore ... Ukrainians. what, no?! "Foreign landing?»Well, do you know, Panov Ukrainian rewriters of history, this is too much. “This I will take, I will leave this to the Muscovites, but here, in general, the fish was wrapped ... ". History is not a restaurant for you. For such an attitude towards herself, she can give an answer. And as we can see, not sickly weighed this way for thirty years.

Returning to the main story, I can't help but mention, that blue and white renegades expressed a lot of skepticism about the strength and self-sufficiency of the Russian economy. The former regionals made various forecasts about the stagnation of the Russian economy on a regular basis., because they believed and still believe in the omnipotence of the Collective West, which the, in their opinion, could easily and naturally bring Russia to its knees. And for the first two years they listened to them with a breath. Let me remind the reader, what in 2014 and 2015 years in the Russian economy there was a recession. In 2016, the situation leveled off, but insignificant economic growth still left much to be desired, not to mention, that in the first year of the pandemic, the Russian economy sank by 3,1 percent.

But still, she was not "torn to shreds", as Obama promised. conversely, at 2020 year, despite the general decline, we have become a net exporter of food, gained self-sufficiency in terms of polymer production, composite materials for aircraft construction, and also reached new heights in shipbuilding.

And throughout 2020 years, from all Ukrainian irons and toilets, there were demands that, so that the damned Russians would not even think of suggesting, that they are smarter than Ukrainians. Before, before "enlightenment", everything was clear: "Freedom-loving" and more European Ukrainians were called much more civilized, smart and practical people, rather than enslaved Russian drunks. I stress, this nonsense was discussed on Ukrainian television, more than once. I represent, what a howl would raise the Ukrainian media and media active so-called Ukrainian Russians, if at least once some Russian TV presenter gathered Russian jingoistic patriots in the studio and they would prove to each other for three hours, that the Ukrainian people are one step lower and much more defective than the Russian. But we don't have such broadcasts, and it is right. You can not justify your greatness at the expense of belittling other peoples.

Today the situation has changed. Yes, Russia has a lot of problems, but it's nothing compared to that, what does Ukraine have, with which "the whole world". Russia under sanctions, but its political, the economic and social situation is not much better than the Ukrainian one. Now media-active Ukrainians are insistently demanding from the damned Muscovites, so that they do not take it into their heads to consider themselves superior to the Ukrainians. This is expressed in different narratives like: “Russian oligarchs are the same, like Ukrainian ", "The FSB is the same office, like the SBU ", “In Russia everything is almost the same, like in Ukraine "and so on.

Disagree. In Russia, everything is far from the same, as in Ukraine, and thank God. Let's start off with, that Russian officials a priori could not be "bastard and narrow-minded" in comparison with Ukrainian. After the collapse of the USSR, our problems and current tasks were much more difficult than Ukrainian ones.. We took over all the debts, we had a huge territory, infrastructure, which must be kept elementary, industrial collapse, a sharp impoverishment of the population and much more. besides, that in the nineties we began to carry out rocket rearmament and commissioned several surface and submarine ships. And all this with a very tight budget, war in the North Caucasus and at a price of 6 dollars per barrel of oil. Our managers, for all corruption and other problems, at the moment 2014 years have solved a huge range of tasks, which their Ukrainian colleagues never dreamed of in a nightmare.

I have my own opinion about, why, after all, the former regionals have such a low opinion of the Russian political leadership.

At first, it is necessary to read the foreign press, of the same Anders Oslund. In his articles 2004 of the year, dedicated to Russia, he writes a lot about, that Putin and his system are doomed, as well as the flawedness of the Russian political and economic system. And for a Ukrainian, the word of such a famous white gentleman is law. Once he said, that Russia is weak, and Putin and his entourage are incompetent, so this is how it is. And such white gentlemen, who wrote about weak Russia, there were many.

Secondly, white gentlemen, slapping Ukrainian native princelings on the shoulder under a large glass, they were told more than once, that Ukraine is the "most European" of all the countries of the former USSR. And the Russians, but what about the Russians? "Lapotniki" in comparison with the great Ukrainians. And small peoples and rulers of insignificant states are very susceptible to false flattery, in which after a while they begin to believe. Every dwarf wants to believe, that he is a giant. This philosophical thought entered politics through the work of the Anglo-Irish writer and priest, and part-time public figure and politician Jonathan Swift, who devoted much time to defending the rights of the Irish in heated debates in the building of the English Parliament. Remember the midgets from his "Gulliver's Travels"?

Thirdly, the Russian leadership in the nineties and 2000s agreed on a significant amount of preferences for the Ukrainian economy. The narrow-minded Ukrainian leadership immediately mistook kindness for weakness. And where is the weakness, there is incompetence.

Now let's go from the other side, to complete the picture. Ukraine in 1993 year sent her nationalists to fight on the side of international terrorists against Russia in the North Caucasus. Along with this, rallies were held daily near the Russian embassy with the demand "To destroy the evil empire to the end.". Korchinsky claims in his interviews, that Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk, and later Leonid Danilovich Kuchma personally coordinated these anti-Russian measures: and rallies, and sending nationalists to the Caucasus. How more fraternal!

Ukrainian bastards cut off the heads of our conscripts on camera. It was in the first campaign too., and in the second. This can be called good neighborly relations.? And this at a time, when our leadership agreed on huge preferences for Ukraine! Now you understand, why regionals considered our leadership to be weak, short-sighted and "fluttering"? Here is how, after that, the lords of the Ukrainian leaders can be called? Certainly not brothers and not good neighbors.

And then the Ukrainians went to Iraq to help the Americans kill and rob local residents. And a little later you, gentlemen, went to Georgia. Let's relax that moment, what are your operators, Dear Ukrainians, fired from "Buk" at our pilots. Together with the Georgians, your thugs cut off the heads of the captured Ossetians in the cemetery, on the graves of their ancestors. And then they were surprised, why are Ossetian and Abkhaz volunteers fighting against you in Donbass?. Another scream on the topic "And we are for?" For what? Yes, you are champions in bringing grief and betrayal to those around you and kindly treating you countries and peoples. Moreover, at the behest of someone else's uncle from across the ocean. Even Belarusians were betrayed. Sometimes I am simply amazed by the Ukrainian holy simplicity.

but of course, some citizens of Ukraine have their own views on this problem. allegedly, in our troubles, of course, someone is to blame, but not us. They even call themselves special: "Ukrainian Russians". Yes, those, to whom Russia always owes something. These are the, which in all the atrocities both inside the country, and on the outer contour, the Banderaites are blamed exclusively, but they do not dare to raise weapons against them. Someone has to come and do everything for them. And very neat and quiet, so that the standard of living does not decrease. It is better to solve everything by pouring in abundant other people's money (no matter whose) into numerous Ukrainian holes and, naturally, pockets.

I couldn't think differently, because the great "Ukrainian Russians" have already decided everything, and they consider themselves to be the ultimate truth. According to their country, of course, Will not say, that at least someone is there at all, who knows for sure, what to do, but the "Ukrainian Russians" consider, what is it they.

Have tried already. Gave you money too, and preferences, and you sent your scumbags to kill our soldiers. Will not ride anymore.

Reader, probably, I noticed, that I always quote the phrase "Ukrainian Russian". Because this is complete nonsense. It does not matter, what to say "fascist red army". A person can be either Russian, or t. n. Ukrainian. And "Ukrainian Russian" is another terminological invention of independent Ukraine. They have such anti-historical idiotic "inventions" a dime a dozen.

So these "Ukrainian Russian" thoughts are spewing out of themselves about, that Danila Galitsky did not betray the Russians, a, you see, "Was guided by other goals". Another "we are not to blame". If you look like that, even Mazepa did not betray Peter the Great, but simply "was guided by other goals". And the Banderaites, in general, are not to blame for anything.. Yes, they committed genocide and ethnic cleansing, but they were guided by some goals there. And the current Bandera do not want to kill Russians and Jews, they, undoubtedly, are also guided by some goals.

To our happiness, the opinion of such characters was not and will not be of interest to the Russian leadership. The confrontation is growing. Ukrainian idiots declared war not on Russia, because it's scary, but to the whole Russian world. In a previous article, I already mentioned, that Galician ideology will invariably lead Ukraine to confrontation with Russia. Not a sham, like now, and real. I am convinced, that after a certain period of time, very short, Russia, anyway, will begin the return of Russian territories, temporarily occupied by Nazi Ukraine.

To describe the process in detail, need to remember history. Yes, I see, the inhabitants of modern Ukraine do not just deny history, they "modernize" it. Just like the Minsk agreements. If you don't like it, it means you need to rewrite and "adjust" for Ukraine. But still.

There were such "German French" during World War II. No, these are not residents of the border town of Saarbrücken, where in the veins of local residents flows like a French, so is German blood. These are French entrepreneurs, who received contracts from the German occupation authorities. Yes, they called themselves so - "German French", Furthermore, they emphasized it. German officers liked it very much., who were in charge of the distribution of contracts. These businessmen recognized only the Vichy government led by Marshal Pétain and made their contribution to the defeat of the French Resistance. For example, donated some sums to organize the French militia, analogue of the German Gestapo. On a permanent basis, they were engaged in the export of French labor to Germany. Welcomed the creation of the SS Charlemagne Division, who fought against Soviet troops on the Eastern Front. We opened new magazines and newspapers, where their tame publicists and journalists worked, who in their articles justified the German occupation and called for cooperation. Just like some "Ukrainian Russians" urge their compatriots to come to terms with Bandera, or rather, obey her. And they even have the audacity to urge Russians to come to terms with the Galician anti-Russian sabbath..

There are not many facts about the activities of the "German French" on the Web. The French government is trying to discourage the dissemination of this information. Not only did they call themselves German French, which in itself is a shame, they have tainted themselves by participating in one very large shameful event. 17 November 1942 years the main forces of the French Navy (3 link, 7 cruisers, 15 destroyers, 12 submarines and 74 auxiliary ship) were voluntarily flooded by order of the Germans. Of course, all this was wrapped in a beautiful piece of paper of some supposed agreement between Hitler and Pétain. But newspapers were engaged in propaganda of the need to flood the fleet., magazines and radio stations, owned by "German French". Modern French rightly consider this sacrilege., therefore they try not to remember their shameful past and how they can try to prevent leaks into the Global Web. Yes, and the glorification of the Resistance is tirelessly engaged, although any more or less literate historian knows, that there were much fewer French in the French Resistance, rather than in the service of Hitler.

But those, who doesn't want to rummage through dusty tomes and study historical documents, Hollywood will always help out. Americans are very fond of reminding the French of their very foul-smelling past., and therefore they filmed just a huge number of films, where the French are shown their past. One of the most modern and striking is the film "Allies" 2016 years starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. In the case of "Ukrainian Russians", it is also a scientific and educational film. At the very beginning, it clearly shows the "German French", living in French Morocco and begging contracts from the German occupation administration.

And how did the "German French" end up?? Very sad. Very famous cultural figures, famous actors and writers, who were collaborators, spared, but endured a "lifelong public censure". But petty hacks, journalists and primarily entrepreneurs, accepting money from the Germans and funding radio stations and periodicals, started up.

However, if you follow the logic of some "Ukrainian Russians", then these French gentlemen are not to blame for anything, they didn't want to betray France, they were guided by some other purpose. properly, they shouted something like that, when they were dragged to execution. They kept repeating, that they did it all for the good of free France and stuff like that.

These moments are also covered by Americans in the movies., when the opportunity presents itself. Some liberated French town is shown, American "Shermans" have just stopped at the square, and the local population is already lynching collaborators with might and main. Men are shot on the spot, and women are given to be torn apart by the ladies, blazing righteous anger. Collaborators, usually, forcibly shaving their heads, and then they beat her with feet and other improvised means.

Wars are changing, methods of warfare are also, but the laws of war remain the same. The process of returning the primordially Russian lands to the Russian state for some Ukrainian leaders of public opinion and simply media-active Ukrainians will end very badly.. Not for all, but for most. Among them, a rather large part are the so-called "Ukrainian Russians".

Russian troops and pro-Russian proxies will be a few dozen kilometers away from some district town, and in the town itself local men with weapons will already be operating, who will speak to everyone, that they are Russian partisans. Before that, no one had ever seen them in the guise of a partisan, and none of the local residents even suspected the existence of some Russian partisans in the immediate vicinity.. But armed people will ardently prove, that they are from the very 2014 years fighting against the Ukrainian Nazi regime. And you know, the locals will believe them. Armed man's arguments, as claimed by Alfonso Gabrielevich Capone, sound loud and convincing.

When the locals reassure themselves of the glorious and long-lasting guerrilla past of armed enthusiasts, they will all go together to look for the "Ukrainian fascist reptile". And then everything will be like in American movies. Little of, in the history of the current still Ukrainian territories, this has already happened. During the Great Patriotic War. Soviet troops and large partisan formations were still several tens of kilometers from the occupied settlements, and in the settlements themselves, the local population, disarming and neutralizing the police, already committed genocide against collaborators. And so it was in many occupied villages and cities of today's southeastern and central Ukraine.. I will especially note, that the editors of the Nazi rags, published in Ukrainian, usually shot on the spot. The locals preferred not to spare them. Therefore, surrender to Soviet troops was a great success for them.. Also note, that the Soviet command did not begin to punish the local population for numerous cases of lynching.

There are cases and fresher. There is a video on the web, where Donetsk militias bring Ukrainian collaborators to the public. You can hear very clearly, what kind of death do the locals wish them. And now, after seven years of war, hearts of Donetsk and Luhansk people hardened even more.

All of the above clearly explains, why the opinion of the "Ukrainian Russians" is not and will not be of interest to the Russian leadership. Also, it will not interest real and mummers. (there will be such) newly organized partisans. They will not regard them otherwise., as Nazi collaborators, and will prove their belonging to the glorious partisan movement in the only way available to them.

Yes, now Ukrainian media active personalities are very self-confident, cluck and think a lot, that independent Ukraine will exist forever. And so what?? Employees of the Nazi newspaper "New Life", published in Krasnodon, also thought, that the Third Reich is eternal, and many cooed. What happened to them after the arrival of the Red Army?

by the way, recently, at 2019 year, this Nazi rag was, as it were, recreated in Volyn, replacing the name of the local newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" with "Nove Zhittya". Who would doubt that.

There will be a great many people who want to accept Russian citizenship in modern Ukraine. A very small number of citizens will wish to leave for the remnants of the still Ukrainian territories from the regions subsequently included in Russia.. There are just a lot of reasons for this.. I will not mention socio-economic reasons. My colleagues from our portal have repeatedly disclosed them in their entirety.. There are others.

There is no need for the Russian state to suffer such idiocy, as appropriation of other people's heroes and achievements. We have our own heroes and merits. We don't need to rewrite history.

We do not need to exalt our people at the expense of belittling others.. We are great already.

Over the past thirty years it has become clear, where did the engineering and scientific potential come from to ensure the social and economic well-being of the Ukrainian SSR. All more or less reasonable residents of Ukraine have long understood, that no "unique Ukrainian ghaika" exists and never existed.

But the decisive importance will be the fact, that in Russia the current citizens of Ukraine still have a future and a normal life, after all, Ukraine became not only Nazi, but also a terrorist quasi-state entity. They will strive to Russia, since Russia is not Ukraine.

Anatoly Ursida,

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