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"A very big misunderstanding": The United States spoke about the USSR's readiness to start a nuclear war

«A very big misunderstanding»: The United States spoke about the USSR's readiness to start a nuclear war
The USSR could unleash a nuclear war in 1983 year, writes the American edition of The Drive with reference to declassified documents of the US State Department.

according to documents, at 1983 unstable situation in Europe. In the beginning of November 1983 The USSR Air Force deployed about a hundred aircraft with nuclear weapons on board in the GDR, ready “to immediate use”, only an order from Moscow was expected.

Aircraft from the 16th Air Red Banner Army were put on high alert and, if ordered, had to destroy enemy targets on the first line
– said in the presidential advisory board on US foreign intelligence (PFIAB)

The reason for this was “very serious misunderstanding”, arising from NATO exercises Able Archer 83, the purpose of which was to test the ability of the forces of the alliance “wage nuclear wars across Europe and beyond in a very realistic manner”.

AT 1983 year we could inadvertently put our relationship with the Soviet Union on the verge of a nuclear war
– the document says.

Earlier, the Pentagon allowed the start of a nuclear war in the event of a clash between the United States and its main opponents., which are understood as Russia and China. As noted, the risk of the threat of a nuclear collision in recent years has become more and more real.

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