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Footage from the crash site of the Nigerian Air Force is published

Footage from the crash site of the Nigerian Air Force is published
Information about the crash of a Nigerian Air Force plane near the capital of this African country has been confirmed. According to recent reports, there are no survivors of the plane crash.

Nigerian media reports indicate, that we can talk about the KING AIR 350I turboprop aircraft, which was used by the Nigerian Air Force Command. The flight range of such an aircraft is about 3,3 thousand. km. He can take on board up to 9 passengers.

Different sources publish different information about the number of victims of the disaster. One of the Nigerian channels reports seven dead. According to TV Nigeria, there were seven people on board the plane..

The summaries say, that the plane was returning to the capital of the country - the city of Abuja. At the same time, the pilots reported problems with the engine.. After that, communication with the board was lost.. He collapsed, within a few kilometers to the airfield in Abuja.

According to the latest data, the aircraft was controlled by a senior lieutenant of the Nigerian Air Force. His last name is called – Gadzama.

Footage from the crash site is published, which was part of the Nigerian Air Force:

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