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The American press: "In confrontation with Russia and China, we need to prepare for another war"

The American press: «In confrontation with Russia and China, you need to prepare for another war»
The United States is ready to confront Russia and China, The Pentagon has developed numerous plans to counter the enemy in the event of military conflicts. However, all the plans of the American military are aimed at conducting intense hostilities., but you need to prepare for a completely different war. Writes about it the American magazine Forbes.

Strategic planning of the Pentagon provides for various options for responding to the emergence of the threat of military conflicts from Russia or China, but they all provide for the conduct of intense combat operations with the use of aviation, ships or land forces, author writes. However, this approach is already deprecated., America's enemies are preparing for a completely different type of war.

At a time when the US Department of Defense is preparing plans to repel a military invasion of the Chinese army in Taiwan or the Russian army in the Baltics, in Beijing and Moscow developing strategies and systems, aimed at eliminating the advantages of the American army. Both Russia and China try to avoid scenarios, for which American troops are preparing.

According to the author, Russia and China are preparing for “wars of the future”, where the main efforts are not aimed at attacking any territory, and for electronic or physical damage to sources of information and communication, introducing chaos in managerial communications and logistics, etc.. In this way, they combine information operations with enemy isolation, avoiding action, to which the United States may respond. Russia's operation in Crimea is cited as an example..

At the same time, the current US forces, designed to conduct large-scale hostilities, do not correspond to such a conflict. Namely, this scenario can be imposed by China and Russia.

As a result, the author proposes to revise the plans of the Pentagon and not prepare for large-scale hostilities., and to “war of the future”, to prevent “new Crimea”.

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