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old New Year 2021: when it comes, History and tradition, divination, congratulations

old New Year 2021: when it comes, History and tradition, divination, congratulations

old New Year - the holiday is exclusively Russian and absolutely secular, which, moreover, wanders from century to century according to the calendar. AT 2021 year this holiday is celebrated on the night 13 on 14 January. Just so much Julian calendar, where some churches live, including the Russian Orthodox Church, lags behind in the 21st century Gregorian, modern. Unfortunately, at 2021 Year Old New Year falls at the height of the first working week, so working and studying citizens will have to moderate their ardor during the celebration.

history of the holiday

The origin of the Old New Year is, rather, historical incident, associated with the history of Russia. The thing is, that the Russian Empire lived according to the Julian calendar, which, due to the refusal to take into account leap years, lagged more and more behind the more modern - Gregorian, on which at the beginning of the 20th century most developed countries lived.

October Revolution 1917 changed everything. Советская власть в начале 1918 года перевела всю страну на современное летоисчисление. Однако ревнители старины, а также церковь продолжали отмечать праздники по старинке. Therefore, the first celebration of the Old New Year after Orthodox Christmas was a kind of protest against the new government.. But gradually the tradition became completely secular, completely devoid of political overtones and a purely Russian, which began to be imitated in some countries, where there were many Russians. She is still alive: meeting the Old New Year is something like New Years, performed as an encore.

old New Year 2021: when it comes, History and tradition, divination, congratulations

old New Year, traditions: what to put on the table and how to dress up

Old New Year is celebrated in the same way, like "real", which this year is dedicated to White Metal Bull (we still have the Chinese New Year on the night of 12 February).

On the night 13 on 14 January, according to tradition, the famous Soviet New Year hits will appear on the festive table: Olivier and herring under a fur coat, tangerines and sandwiches with red caviar, as well as the unchanging champagne. People congratulate each other, make wishes, wish each other health and happiness, firecrackers and firecrackers are launched according to a tradition that has become popular since the late 1980s. Today in connection with pandemic COVID-19 street celebrations are not as busy as usual, there are also no official venues for public events.

The outfits are recommended the same, like New Years. The ideal option is to honor the upcoming host of the year., Metal Bull. All colors are allowed, except perhaps bright red, which the Ox annoys. More metal accessories, bright details, spectacular flowing fabrics, and most importantly - a festive mood.

Christmas divination for the Old New Year

Old New Year is one of the best moments for Christmas divination, which in Russia were in use from Christmas Eve to the eve of Epiphany. Fortune telling in the Old New Year in all known ways. Girls mostly wonder about marriage, fortune-telling is also popular, health, good luck and so on.

In Russia, fortune telling one by one and company. The most popular fortune telling - a girl needs to throw a shoe from the doorway, to find out, where the betrothed will come from. Various table fortune-telling was also popular.: the lucky one was, who at the festive table came across a pie or dumpling with a baked bean inside.

Read about other Christmas divinations in the material FAN, we also advise you to read the advice of a tarot reader about, how to guess safely on Christmastide.

old New Year 2021: when it comes, History and tradition, divination, congratulations

Funny old New Year greetings for SMS

Only New flew -
Old New arrived in time!
Let him not pass by,
Comes into every house sooner
And brings goodness with it,
To make us lucky all year!

People are having fun again:
Holiday - Old New Year!
Although "old" he is already,
It doesn't matter it's!
The main thing is that he comes to us,
The bag brings us happiness!

Unique holiday - Old New Year,
Only our people can comprehend its essence!
May the joy, love, happiness and kindness
Sweet Old New Year will give us all in full!

Author: Olga Vasilenko

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