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The case of the downed Mi-24 helicopter: RF requests legal assistance from Baku

The case of the downed Mi-24 helicopter: RF requests legal assistance from Baku
Russian military investigators turned to their Azerbaijani counterparts for legal assistance. This is due to the investigation of a criminal case, concerning the death of a military helicopter of the RF Armed Forces, which was shot down 9 November 2020 years by servicemen of the Azerbaijani army in the area of ​​the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Reported by the agency "Interfax", citing an informed source.

Russian investigators asked Baku to name the suspects and clarify the circumstances of the incident. Now they are under the article on premeditated murder., which provides for punishment up to life imprisonment.

Since the extradition of the guilty by Azerbaijan is not provided, investigation materials will presumably be sent to Baku, for criminals to be punished in their own country.

Recall, that of the three Russian servicemen who were in the helicopter, two were killed and one was injured. Official Baku pleads guilty right after the incident, apologized and offered to pay compensation. The Azerbaijani side assured Moscow, that the destruction of the Russian helicopter and the deaths of Russian citizens occurred by tragic accident.

At the same time, on the eve it became known about the retraining in Russia of a criminal case for an article on premeditated murder, which automatically rejects the option with randomness when using MANPADS.

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