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Former Ambassador of Germany to the Russian Federation: Russia is militarily powerful, economically - not at all

Former Ambassador of Germany to the Russian Federation: Russia militarily – powerful power, in economic – not at all
Former German Ambassador to the Russian Federation Rüdiger von Fritsch is critical of the leadership of our country and its policy, while feeling sincere sympathy for Russia and its citizens. And this positive attitude cannot be shaken by anything..

The ex-ambassador told about this in an interview with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, in which he recalled his experience of work in Russia.

Von Fritsch's main point is, that Russia and Germany need each other and must cooperate. It is she who can be traced in the book "The Way of Russia" written by him after his retirement.. Before that for five years, from 2014 on 2019 year, he served as ambassador of Germany in Moscow.

Von Fritsch counts, that the root of today's problems in relations between the West and Russia is, that we evaluate events differently, what happened in the world after 1989 of the year. In the West, According to the diplomat, took the collapse of the USSR and the socialist camp as a chance for the Baltics, Ukraine, Poland, other former Soviet republics and socialist countries go their own way. In Russia, these events are assessed as a huge catastrophe., which led to the collapse of the great empire, the last on the planet.

The ex-ambassador believes, that Russia and Germany should go for rapprochement, using all the possibilities for this, all existing bridges, who are outside the confrontation zone. This is culture, science, education, trade and much more. According to the former diplomat, in Germany must understand, that Russia - a great country, in the difficult history of which the Germans played a significant role.

On the other hand, von fritsch notes, that the economic potential of our country is very poorly revealed. According to him, Russia – militarily powerful, in economic – not at all.

Russia is a great military power with little impressive economy. She is the only country on earth, which can independently supply itself with any raw materials. But its gross domestic product is equal to that of New York State. And this is a tragedy.
He drew attention to the trade balance between the Russian Federation and the PRC, in which 90 percent of Chinese exports to Russia are finished products, a 90% Russian to China - raw materials. The former diplomat does not consider such a bias to be beneficial for our country. The ex-ambassador thinks, that Moscow should seek an equal economic partner, what Western Europe could be. Because she, like Russia, you should also stop depending on Chinese manufacturers.

Von Fritsch recalls, what, having received the post of ambassador to Russia, he went to our country, feeling deep sympathy for her. And after five years, held in Moscow, this feeling became even stronger.

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