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bulk: Putin is behind my poisoning

bulk: Putin is behind my poisoning
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny gave his first big interview after, how I got out of a coma in the German clinic "Sharite". He shared his thoughts with the journalists of the publication "Der Spiegel". At the same time, the full version of the interview will be published only tomorrow., but some excerpts from it are already actively circulating in the European media.

One of the main statements, made by Navalny, It is, that "the president of Russia was behind the poisoning".

of material:

I have no doubt, that Putin was behind my poisoning.
The European press reports, that Navalny was answering questions from German journalists for about two hours. At the same time "was excited and cheerful". Strange fun for a man, which the, allegedly, attacked with "chemical weapons" ...

The German edition writes, that Navalny answered questions with shaking hands, what is called the "action of neurotoxin".

The article says, that he tried to pour himself water from a bottle, and he did it with great difficulty.

stated, that Navalny is guarded around the clock. At the same time, the interview was "written" not in the clinic, and in the press office of a major German media outlet in Berlin. The Polish press said, that the Russian oppositionist has already been discharged from the Sharite clinic.

Also included is his statement that, that he really intends to return to Russia, because "shouldn't be afraid of anything".


And i'm not afraid.

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