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In Moscow, he died last Marshal Dmitry Yazov

In Moscow, he died last Marshal Dmitry Yazov
Last Marshal Dmitry Yazov, died in Moscow after a long illness. It is reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the Ministry of Defense to popular post, Marshall died twenty-fifth day of February in Moscow on 96 th year of life. Cause of death – serious and prolonged illness.

Recall, Dmitry Yazov was the last Minister of Defense of the USSR. He held this post with 1987 by 1991 year until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Yazov was also the last Soviet military commander, who was awarded the title of Marshal. This title he received in 1990 year.

The whole life of Dmitry Yazov was associated with the army. Born 8 November 1924 year in ordinary peasant family, he is in 1942 he graduated from the Moscow Infantry School. Of the Supreme Council, and he went off to fight in the front, which he commanded a rifle platoon and a company. He was twice wounded.

Next in 1956 he graduated with honors from the Military Academy. M. AT. Frunze, as early as 1967 year – Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

He served at different positions from zamkomandira to battalion district commander of an army and. After the transfer of the Ministry of Defense came to the Minister of Defense of the USSR and the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union.

“military Review” expresses its condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

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