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State tests complex "Derivation-defense" will be completed in 2019 year

State tests of prospective anti-aircraft complex "Derivation-defense" will be held this year, and be completed in November, TASS transmits a message of the military department.

Госиспытания комплекса «Деривация-ПВО» завершатся в 2019 году

Finalized 57-mm anti-aircraft artillery complex “Derivation-air defense”, which will be equipped with units of army air defense of ground troops

- told reporters at the Defense Ministry.

The department reminded, that the anti-aircraft system is designed to deal with aircraft and cruise missiles, planes, helicopters, drones, as well as solitary shells MLRS. Besides, it can be used for ground and surface lightly armored targets.

reported, that the complex includes fighting vehicle with a gun high ballistics, maintenance of machinery and transport-loading vehicle.

Completion of state tests of the complex is scheduled for November 2019 of the year

- added to ministry.

Complex "Derivation-defense" was first presented at the forum "Army 2018", held in Moscow. Self-propelled anti-aircraft installation created on the BMP-3 chassis, module is equipped with a 57 mm automatic cannon.

Госиспытания комплекса «Деривация-ПВО» завершатся в 2019 году

According open data, a destructive cannon - 6 km, height defeat, - to 4,5 km, the rate of fire - 120 rds. / min. The maximum speed of the targeted objects - 500 m / s. Electro-optical detection system and aiming the combat vehicle enables panoramic observation of the terrain at 360º, as well as to conduct a sector review.