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Russia change "Caliber-M" on the ground

Russia changes «Caliber M» on the ground

Korabelnaya missiles "Caliber M", which is developed in Russia for the Navy, can get a land-based version of the possible US withdrawal.

The United States can withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (DRSMD).

The plans for the development of land "Caliber-M" tells TASS, citing its own sources in the field of missile-building. The interviewee told, that given the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the rocket ship will be created in the land-based version.

"In view of a possible US withdrawal from the INF Treaty is planned, that created the naval cruise missile with a maximum firing range of more 4,5 thousand. km will be developed and land-based variant ", - said a source.

Official confirmation of the information received to date is not yet available to journalists.

The Russian Defense Ministry told about the "sea" version of the "Caliber-M" rocket, the creation of which is incorporated in the state armament program until 2027 of the year.

The modification is different from the already brought into use "Caliber" higher power. It will be improved accuracy and increased firing range.

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