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CAA went on the offensive in the northwest of Syria

Today reports come from Syria about, that the armed forces of the Arab Republic after a long break, went on the offensive on one of the areas of tension. According to the Lebanese portal AMN, Syrian government army has organized a large-scale operation against militias in the province of Hama.

САА пошла в наступление на северо-западе Сирии
Photo SAD north (manbij area)

According to the latest data, Command CAA has set a target for the liberation of the territories to the north-west of the country, where militants continue hosting several terrorist organizations. Several areas of Hama province under the control of former terrorists "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" (*banned in Russia), and several more are controlled so-called "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" *, represented mainly come from the north-western provinces of China. We are talking primarily about the armed Uighurs, which were in the Middle East through the territory of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.

The offensive was organized in connection with the continued firing positions CAA and civilian areas from militants. During one of such attacks killed two civilians, several injured.

The situation is complicated for the CAA, that insurgents have organized traffic with the so-called zone of de-escalation of Idlib. Noteworthy, that the main connection between the fighters in Hama and Idlib set to the direction, which should be controlled by Turkish troops. However, the implementation of full control in the area of ​​de-escalation of the Turkish contingent often prefers not to go.

Against this background, the deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov during a plenary session of the conference of the club “Valdai” I noticed, that the world will not come to Syria, while the territory of this country will not be cleared of terrorists. Mikhail Bogdanov said that he hoped, to terrorists by first of all that de-escalation of the zone, including Idlib. Otherwise, According to the Russian diplomat, Terrorists will continue to implement its attacks.