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In Rostec create a new missile complex "Bulat"

The corporation "Rostec" developed a new set of managed "Bulat" missile, RIA Novosti reported by the Director of the cluster of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemical company Sergei Abramov.

В Ростехе создают новый ракетный комплекс «Булат»

Recently, in the public domain has information about the preparation for testing a new missile complex "Bulat". Correspondent asked Abramova tell me more about this weapon.

Yes, really, this work has. But more than anything, Unfortunately, I can not say. We keep such information secret, he answered.

earlier it was reported, The new system will be installed in the forward-looking armor.

As told sources, at the international forum "Army 2017" was presented promising armored vehicle "Boomerang" with the combat unit "Epoch". This module is equipped with a generous variety of weapons, including as yet unknown to the general public.

The complex is represented by a machine gun armament PKTM, PTUR «Cornet», and 57 mm automatic cannon low ballistics LSHO-57 and small guided missiles "Bulat", intended for destruction of manpower and equipment of the enemy exposed.

Launcher of a new complex on 8 missiles mounted on the roof module. As it appears, cassette "Bulat" made retractable, that is, in the transport position is retracted inside the tower. I am shooting from the complex being in the forward hemisphere. For his guidance is required turn the whole tower.



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