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tests PTRC “Thunder”. In Ukraine, demanded “zhahnut Moscow”

Ukrainian CB "South" to "Arms and Security 2018" exhibition of arms extending from the field trials showed videos PTRC "Thunder". more precisely, Roller is shown as a test is not so much the missile system, as chassis, which was developed by Kharkov Design Bureau im.Morozova. Recall, the first photo chassis operational-tactical missile system "Thunder" in Ukraine have been demonstrated in May last year,. At the same time it was reported, that is carried out "before finishing missiles required parameters".

The footage is presented as collection design layout PTRC missiles "Thunder" with the previously stated goal to defeat radius 500 km.

Испытания ОТРК "Гром". На Украине потребовали "жахнуть по Москве"

About, carried out so-called "finishing" missiles, not reported. Emphasis is placed on at this point a few comments to the roller, published in the Ukrainian military channel portal. Most Ukrainian commentators call "zhahnut Moscow".

The same video with a demonstration movement (running tests) Chassis PTRC "Thunder" and combat deployment of complex:

Presented and photos of the workshops of CB "South" with a demonstration of the PTRC "Thunder" missiles.
Испытания ОТРК "Гром". На Украине потребовали "жахнуть по Москве"

After the demonstration revealed, stated that a destructive missile thunder goal is not 500 km, a 280 km. At least, these are the characteristics of the presented missiles developers, which upset all dreaming missile strike in Moscow. noted, that projected combat unit has a single-stage ballistic missile weight 480 kg. In this embodiment the cassette viewed CU.

From the presentation material:
Airborne missile inertial control system, equipped with navigation and guidance systems of various types (radar, optoelectronic)



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