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MiG-31BM will receive the modernized radar

For a fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM developed an upgraded version of the radar system, significantly expands its capabilities, Interfax message Defense Ministry press service.

МиГ-31БМ получит модернизированный радар

The question of developing a new radar modification was discussed at the meeting of Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko, with the leadership of "Barrier".

Krivoruchko "supported the modernization of the unique radar system for the MiG-31BM aircraft, significantly expanding its capabilities ", It said in a statement.

He also directed the manufacturers to speed up the process of testing radar system for corvettes project 20380.

Mig-31BM modification MiG-31, put into service in 1981 year. for deep modification of the work holds the branch of "MiG" - aircraft plant "Sokol" (Nizhny Novgorod). The machine is equipped with a radar "Barrier-AM" system. Detection range and hit targets - more than two hundred kilometers. The interceptor is capable of simultaneously destroy 6 and to accompany 10 goals.

"MiG" corporation (part of the KLA) It integrates in its structure the company profile, providing all of the elements produced by the aircraft life cycle - from concept series production and technical support.

JSC "Barrier" - a developer and manufacturer of high-tech products. In its activities, the company cooperates with industrial companies such as "Tupolev", "Dry", «MiG», «Kamov», TsMKB 'Diamond', the majority of shipyards, various ministries and departments.



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