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Ukrainian “kol`sny tank” until the customer has not reached. Like the BTR-3

Another Ukrainian armory “novelty” It turned out to be an empty shell. Defense industry of Ukraine has released another failed project – BTR-3E with the Belgian tower Cockerill CSE 90L, transfers “Expanded”.

Украинский "кол`сный танк" до заказчика не доехал. Как и БТР-3

Designed and still demonstrated 2013 year's defense exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, “wheeled tank”, at the request of Ukrainian developers, It was to conquer the arms markets in Asia, Africa and South America. Ukrainian armored personnel carrier entered as highly mobile “wheeled tank”, armed 90mm cannon nizkoimpulsnoy, having the ability to fire a specially created for her anti-tank missile and paired with a gun 7.62 mm machine gun. Mounted on the BTR-3E 300-hp engine has clocked a 16-ton machine to 100 km / h and can cover a distance of 750 km. Wherein, but three crew members, the machine could be transported 6 Marines. It involves the installation of additional armor.

Demonstrated in the UAE sample “wheeled tank”, which is essentially a hot layout, and it still. For the production of mass-produced cars have to spend a lot of time and money, but none of, nor the other was not in Ukraine. Also played a role “podmochennaя” the country's reputation, as an arms supplier after the scandals with the supply of the BTR-94 to Jordan, BTR-4 in Iraq and BM “Oplot-T” in Thailand.

Unenviable fate and “fully Ukrainian armored personnel carrier” BTR-3, which the, as it turned out was on the basis of the body of the Soviet BTR-80, and after, they ended, in the case “gone” old “semidesyatki”. Such were not ready to potential customers and therefore the current number of those wishing to buy this car is zero.



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