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How to survive the shelling, bombardment or mortar fire

According to statistics, it is the wrong action and panic, in the bombing, They are a major cause of many of the victims in such situations.

1. Worst idea – find refuge. Worst idea - is to run somewhere, stand, generally in a vertical position. If explosions are heard quite close, better to fall to the ground and head in his hands close.

In the case of the shelling, or strike aircraft - is not suitable as a shelter cellars "Khrushchev", or "panel" high-rise buildings. They are located deep enough, In addition, when a shell hit a house in the - you're likely to find yourself under the rubble debris house. A modern "panel" of the box - just add up to the time.

It is also not suitable as a shelter: equipment, cars, flammable and explosive objects, modern buildings are extremely dangerous, their strength is low and the large number of windows, windows and glass elements, at explosion form a cloud of debris. Hiding in shopping centers, and stores like "Metro" - even suicide.

Good options seekers - Metro station nearby, deep basement ("Stalinka", "Pre-revolutionary" construction), bomb shelters (they are usually near schools, or in the basement of the old school), the bottom of a large moat. Hiding under the bridge - a controversial option, better not to. On one side of the bridge strong support, on the other - that the bridge can be a goal kick.

Mina explode when hitting the ground, and fragments fly upwards and outwards. Therefore, a car or a worthwhile person - a very vulnerable target. If a fighter at the time a mine is, probability of being hit by shrapnel sharply decreases. therefore, I heard the sound of approaching mines (or a warning cry experienced comrade), immediately falls to the ground and pushed into her harder, covering his head with hands.

During the shelling did not even think to get up. lay there, which fell. During the pause, you can see the countryside, move to the basement, in the slot, the funnel. The lower you lie, the more likely to survive the fire without consequences. trenches, blindaji, solid stone walls - quite reliable protection against mortar. Even in the open field you can think of a shelter. for example, sometimes men just stuck a small infantry shovel from a possible fire and used it as a shelter. When injected into the handle of a shovel splinter probably ricocheted, and if it breaks, it will lose the lethal force.

Throughout bombing, Close the ears with both hands and slightly open mouth, This will help to avoid contusion.
Do not try to escape from the fire zone - mines and debris is still faster than you. wait, until you hear an example 8-10 breaks, then wait at least three minutes, then quickly change position and go into hiding. Even if someone next to need help - provide it after the shelling and shelter, otherwise help, likely, and soon you will need.

If you can not quickly, one jerk move to such a place - you can hide behind a border, high parapet pavement. The idea is that you are in a lying position which has closed the facility, strong enough.

2. NOT hide in water, river, lake or any other body of water, when hit bomb or projectile in the water can get a powerful hydroimpact.

3. Radius. when mortar, or shelling: fire can last for a long time, shells do not explode huge fire mushrooms, like in the movies. small flash, black smoke and the projectile shell scatters in different directions in the form of fragments. The radius of total destruction of conventional projectile 50 m. mortar shells, fall of the curtain path, vertical to the ground. If the fire on the square, it is desirable to not protrude minutes 5 — 10, destruction is usually Package 60 — 100 shells at a point. If the fire does not stop, try to crawl away from tall buildings away and find shelter, deep ditch, underground crossing, tube under way.

4. Car. If you are moving by car, a shell fell in front of you, things are bad. Even if you shoot a ballistic trajectory, Aim takes seconds, the only thing that can save your life, is to jump out of the car and take cover in a ditch.

5. Whistling. If you can not see flashes of explosions, but the earth is shaking under my feet, then hit somewhere near. If you hear the whistling of shells, do not panic, shell whistles if you fly over. Not all shells explode on hitting the target certain types of shells explode above the ground.

6. RSZO. Reactive type "Grad" systems, and the like, firing at areas, shelling lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, extreme accuracy, they are not different.
The main thing to sit out after the shelling and regroup elsewhere, missile "Grad" flies always with a nasty hissing sound, you will hear the sound of a second before the flight over you.

7. Phosphorus. If you see white, blinding flash, night like flowers, or explosions with lots of whitish smoke, the possible firing is conducted, phosphorous, incendiary shells. From these shells do not just run, Scat. Such shell stuffed phosphorus granules, the explosion of the pellets burn, clothes, meat and bones through, Besides, It forms a cloud of toxic smoke affects the respiratory tract and eye mucosa.

8. Cluster bombs and shells. Terrible cluster bombs and shells, They are mainly used to create minefields. Understand, that the territory of such ammunition fired, It can be on multiple, a small crater. If you notice a small checkered with a ribbon, In no case did not come to him.



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4 years ago

Tips moron.

4 years ago

??? Sam-to

2 years ago

If you are traveling by car, do not under any circumstances stop from 100-150 mm of mortars, fragments fly very strongly and quickly, perhaps the terrain is targeted and it is not a fact that there will be time to hide between volleys, although if the road is on a hill and there is an opportunity to move into a ditch, you may hide, but crawl away from the car immediately, the bitch will be like a point for aiming, and the car will most likely have to say goodbye, which is sometimes not desirable. By the way, in the steppes of Ukraine, you will practically be at a glance, therefore if the road allows and if it does not, press on the gas to failure after 100 the probability of hitting is reduced by half, but this is if one mortar is hit and not several( I'm not a mortarman, so I don't know how to say it correctly, like artillery is also how to pronounce it) in short, if you open fire from three it is not good, so I will repeat myself as a participant in hostilities, although who needs it, well, if only in Ukraine, the higher the speed, the harder it is to calculate the trajectory of the hit, and I would like to add if you press on the car 120 and 99℅ the sniper no longer hits, again, this works if the distance between you and the sniper is at least 500 meters during shelling, of course, it is better to find cover (if you're lucky) with a mortar, they usually try to put checkers, so the chance to leave is minimal, here you need to understand everything is influenced by different facts Maybe the enemy just set the mortar points and, God forbid, did not have time to shoot, but if the projectile hit the front in the direction of movement I will repeat if I did not have time to shoot only the speed of the mortar will not have time. The second option, perhaps the gunner took a big lead, and believe me, if you don't add the next shot, this is a direct hit, a good gunner will count you one or two. But there are many other options that can save your life.. Consider such options, some of them will, if I may say so, have a human factor, and this happens, take Ukraine as an example, and it seems there are fighters, but only in the Ukrainian Army on the front lines, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Dobrobats do not observe discipline. Therefore, the fighters can be in alcoholic or drug intoxication, and here it is funny if it were not so scary, perhaps the shot was fired at random and the next volleys will fall on the principle of where God sent, and perhaps the first one was shot, but hurry up and the next shells must still be loaded. Dobrobats just shoot on orders without orders, and wherever it may have been a single shot, but don't forget the important factor is the distance between you and the firing point. Believe me, in Ukraine in winter this is a clean sheet of nowhere to hide, steppes, there are really rare planting of trees from a Kalash or a machine gun carbine, you can still hide, but they will not save you from a heavier one. And also if there is an opportunity, unless of course you say the wing, let's say runaway, although you can turn sharply on the brakes and the rear one for everything, whatever one may say, but the car still moves faster than you run, here I repeat, everything can affect from luck to cold calculation. If it is possible to bypass this section of the road, then you do not need to pretend to be a hero.Your life is important not only for you but also for your colleagues. Remember one rule, you came not to die, but to win.

2 years ago

Sorry, I was in a hurry when I wrote in some places, thoughts were ahead of the letters there in one place I wanted to add if a mine exploded in front of you and here I will add a good mortar while the first one flies, they manage to release the fifth projectile and, God forbid, they run into such a mortar, and the mortar is designed for the infantry for the most part but you understand the infantry does not run at the speed of a car. For me, a machine gun is more terrible and it is good if the mortar crew is without machine gun support. I'm talking about my experience of movement I myself did not sit behind the wheel but looked at the speedometer less than 100 did not drive in open areas more afraid of snipers

8 months ago

Thanks brother for the advice

2 months ago

fuck. It's strange even to read and God forbid to be in such an ass.

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