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Combat Small instruction: from Nagano to APS

revolver revolver, Mauser pistols and Walter groups, TT pistols, Margolin, Makarova, Stechkina still actively used in training, as well as in operational and combat purposes.

This guidance for the Study of guns Handheld Coburn wearing topics discussed in detail the correct handling of organic weapon of previous years, disassembly, assembly, zeroing and maintenance work.

The book contains a large number of explanatory photographs and drawings.
publishers Abstract:
The book contains a description of combat pistols Coburn and pocket wear, in service with the army and secret services in pre-revolutionary Russia, and in the USSR. Currently, some samples of these weapons are equipped with civil servants, whose work is connected with the protection of state property.

The book is intended for the officers of the army special forces, law enforcement officers, and museum workers and armourers.

Combat Small instruction: from Nagano to APS

Year of issue: 2005
Author: Alexey A. Potapov
Genre: Warfare, weapon, Tutorial
publishing house: Fair-Press
series: Special Forces
ISBN: 5-8183-0839-1
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 496


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