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Who became the new commander “jihadist PMCs” Malhama Tactical?

I remember, Not so long ago OMB ROFIK in his Twitter posted information on our website SOLDAT.PRO – after that it eliminated the Russian VKS. Now MALHAMA TACTICAL new leader. We are waiting for new publications from Abu Salman Byelorussia. To be continued…

It became known the name of the successor to the head of TN. “Islamist PMCs” Malhama Tactical. Recall, that the so-called group of private military personnel from Syria, which conducts special training for professional soldiers fighting in the composition of groups. The Group owns a sufficient number of weapons and special equipment, It is making it essentially a special unit at the level of many of the world's special forces.

Gave rise Malhama Tactical former fighter of Russian Airborne Troops, a native of Tatarstan Uzbek Abu Rofik. 23 February 2017 on, he was killed at his home in the city of Idlib bombardment videoconferencing RF.

But the group fell apart and she has a new commander. They became Abu Salman Byelorussia, in the past Sergeant 103 Vitebsk Airborne Brigade, MTR Sun RB.