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PART necessary equipment 2

Continue ending 1 echelon (That's what I missed the first part) 
Numbering goes with 1 parts and has no relation to the complement (part unloading)


I personally try to insert a soft knee pads in special pockets on the pants, and, usually, this is enough.

 There is another option - pick greave (eg JAM203) and in
 RATNIK-TACTICAL order them gain (respectively, is a spacer fabric, aramid insertion and sutured back) aramidom.
 of the benefits - hold, in which case, smithereens.
 of the minuses - they are very hot.
 Knee pads with elastic bands I was not very comfortable (I not found a suitable model for long wearing), therefore recommend a particular brand will not.
 knee pads are mandatory, For failure of the knee (they landed on a sharp stone or nail) It is failure of fighter.

maybe, It sounds silly, but the hours are needed by all. 

here selection 2
 A Mechanical (not quartz). Here I ran a lot of Swiss Military watches (even though they are civilians) and I realized, it's time to change.
 The main requirements for clocks:
 - accuracy
 - strong not to scratch the glass
 - arrow luminous in the dark
 - shockproof
 - waterproof

I'll try to watch from the available 6E4-1(curious what they are doing for the army). 
B-Digital Clock
Usually with a lot of how to, and unnecessary, Extras.
Here the choice is stopped on the watch CASIO G-SHOCK GA100-1A1 or CASIO G-Shock GA-110LP-3AER.

Almost neubivaemye clock proven under the toughest operating.

While writing the text- advised to watch CASIO G-SHOCK RANGEMAN & Watches Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G Sapphire. I did not use them and I can not say anything, but advised people who know, and gee authoritative opinion.

Of the minuses, attachment to a power source.
On this first tier ends. electronics dopa (eg Active headphones,binoculars and night vision disassemble at the end of).


What we lug around in assault backpack (example of 25 to 40 liters), almost constant (Naturally reporting or spreading equipment depending on the task)

properly, himself backpack.
You've got to understand, that we do not need a month and all, all, everything in it is not necessary to wear, and only the most necessary to the task.

If you go to a combat mission in the day about, the recruit as many BC and some food, if we go on a position or task can be delayed, then we take more households household accessories or just grab raid backpack (leaving unnecessary to PPD).

we, basically, used patrol knapsack, came with UMTBS 6sh112.

With his task, he coped with a bang, comfortable enough (but still far from ideal) and roomy. It has 1 main compartment, inside there is extra pocket with Velcro, closes the valve on top of fasteksy, where there is a pocket in which there is a white cover for the winter and 2 very roomy side pockets. Almost the entire surface is a molle system, has a rib jumper, the bottom can be easily attached or sleeping mat, side mount is also provided.

A good budget option. Unfortunately, I noticed, issue with the quality of 13 year fell (new backpacks, occasionally, can not withstand the load in 20 kg).
Another good assault backpack RK-PCS-30 from the company Tehinkom.

His reviews you can find on the net. That it is necessary to supplement the, This side branch (an amateur).

Noteworthy models such as Garsing GSG-30 and Helikon 'Ratel' 25.
properly, I think to go to one of these models.
 The backpack is usually (may change, depending on the task and the need for)
1 - ammunition
 -Cartridges in packs (from 14 to 20 packs 5.45 or 7.62x39)
 -grenades (if necessary, to carry more than, than in 1 echelon)
 -shots VOG25 (with the presence of GP) from 10 pcs
 -Smoke RDG-P

2 - fleece jacket,fit any way you want, though from Helikon or 5.11, though from VKBO. the main thing, so you will be comfortable and do not take up much space. You need to wear with them even in the summer, For if the afternoon heat, the night will be cold (the day was 37, and at night 25 it seems to you, that Dubakov, especially in the morning)

3 - Food and water. Usually it was 1 PRI of 2 people a day and a plastic liter bottle of water.

4 - Spare underwear: socks, shorts and T-shirt / vest. There have always been with me in the FH. Change in the parking lot before going to bed wet shirts on a dry, It helps not to get sick. Yes and gigiena important.

5 - Small infantry shovel. Mounted on the outer haversack on taxiway, always well sharpened and cleaned.

 Should not be folding (low reliability).

 Soviet preferred titanium. And indeed, Soviet production pleasing metal thickness and strength. pros: can, that dig, that hack without any problems, though the earth, though wood or head; well secured on the handle. Minuses: too heavy on modern analogues and difficult to grind.
 Modern Russian does not like (thin steel bad, bends and holds an edge).

 The blade is required for fighter.

6 - Knife host life (cut bread or chicken gut)
 The choice fell on the knife Mora 2000 and fully justified itself.
 The knife is a very reliable and durable, easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. stainless steel, easy to grip handle, It does not slip out of hands.

7 - Two extra batteries to the radio (we have it Yaesu FNB-102LI)


 the, that we carry in a backpack raid liters 80-120 liters and, if necessary, toss in a backpack 2 tier (eg, when possible situation, if the time will take longer to complete the task, than expected) or drag it all to the position.

 1 - Backpack raid on 80-120 liters.
 It stores all, what is (Besides, except that, armor) and carry with them when leaving the PDI greater than 5 days(we used to be so).
 The main requirement - it's easy. Respectively, the presence of the rib webs and belts, height adjustment, water resistance is desirable, several compartments and mounting options outside extra. priblud(eg, sleeping mat or sleeping pad).

 Go tell, our backpacks and 6b38 6SH106 not bad(positive buoyancy to 30 kg when used, good functionality, complete 2 cover), but they are not appropriate in terms of.

 From budget options bad Edelweiss 4 of SoyuzSpetsOsnaschenie (from minuses - fasteksy rather weak and it is necessary to alter their)

 Slightly more expensive American MOLLE II Large Rucksack volume of 100 liters.
 Superbly-proven Raid backpack US Marine Corps. USMC ILBE (perhaps, one of the most convenient, we enjoyed,pleasantly surprised by the presence of a quick release system and anatomic stiff back).

Although, in my opinion, to transfer things from the bus to the PDP and vice versa suit and backpack tourism, simplest(if only the weight held).

2 - Sleeping bag or in common "soft coffin", but sometimes without in any way (yes, we are not super speshaly and can afford little weaknesses, because we protect their health)

 Here's one for the whole year, you will not wear, And every soldier does not need it(usually one for two).
 Opted for bags VAUDE Kiowa 300 UL.
 Low weight (about 1 kg) and dimensions in collapsed form, quick dry and keep warm even raw and breathes.
 Of course, there sleeping bags in this price category and temperature better, and, If you know the model, throws them in private messages(will buy-tested).

 3 - hygiene kits gather themselves.

 Usually this:
 - Soap (better than ordinary business)
 - Wet wipes
 - Toothpaste and toothbrush
 - A small plastic bottle of shampoo (50 ml)
 - Nail scissors
 - cotton pads (4-5 pcs)
 - A pair of disposable razors (usually no one shaves, but you may need)
 - Antiperspirant and foot odor "GalenoFarm" "5 days" bags pieces 15. It helps not only from foot odor, but from potnitsы on foot (which does not allow to live and work).
 - Handkerchief
 This is usually sufficient, to maintain personal hygiene.

4 - bowler.
 This is our mini pot, and a frying pan, and a plate in 1 product. On the need will not write(some confidence, that it is not needed, do not convince).

 -  option budget - it is our Soviet bowler (since antediluvian times does not change the appearance).
 The volume pot 1,3 l,cover volume 0,5 l, material - aluminum food.

 The new bowler comes in grease(like a jar) and it is not very pleasant to scour. Simply boil and immediately wipe with alcohol. No bowls inside(as pot BW). Painting after cooking food in it at the stake oblezet (it's not scary),periodically burns if misused.
 -bowler of the Bundeswehr( BW). There are aluminum and stainless steel. Includes: pot with a handle, bowl-plate, Pan-cover. The total volume of kotelka1,7l, the useful volume of 1.5 liters, the volume of the bowl -0,5l, volume, pan lids 0,4 l.

 It is like to use.
- Combined pots with jar are not accustomed. With them a lot of problems. for example, if fell on him and crushed-you can simply pull out the jar. Quickly and thoroughly clean fall, within(so as not to stick to the jar leftovers), and outside(so as not to spoil the pouch and hands, If you cook on a fire). The cold water bottle freezes to the bowler itd.
- Swedish mess tin M39 also perfectly proved itself. There it still burner(though winter has little sense from, but in the summer working standards).

5 - Mug small volume (to 0.35 l). Upon request and for an amateur.

6 - Set spork. In order not to have his hands. You can take apart a spoonful of aluminum.

7 - Set for any small things. Is a separate
 packaging and includes (if necessary)
 - Rem set of needles and threads
 - Thin rope meters 30 (for households. life. works)
 - Set for cleaning grease guns (Ballistol oil type or in a small vial Gunex, sponge cloth and a piece of china)
 - matches hunting
 - dry alcohol (tablets 10) help and the Kindle Fire, food and warm up
 - Mirror
 - blanket rescue (in fact, dollop strong enough foil)
 - Water filter (It does not obviate the need to boil water)
 - Tablets for water purification (I recommend only if the water is very bad, and after boiling - from tablets teeth sypjatsja)

8 - general first aid kit (Here a number of items duplicated combat first aid kit, but, in fact, are independently of it)
It is
 - IPP (spare)
 - Tourniquet or tourniquet
 - sterile bandage, 2 packing
 - Bactericidal hemostatic patch, 2-3 packing.
 - glue BF, 1 tube
 - antiseptic marker (iodine or zelenka)
 - disposable scalpel 1 PC
 - Suture set of sterile: polyamide thread with a needle, 1 packaging or ampoule.
 - Medical sterile gloves, 2 packing
 - NO-ESP (drotaverin) - 1 capsule (20 tablets)
 - loperamide. antidiarrheals. 20 capsules
 - Ketanov. anesthetic. 20 tablets.
 - Nitrogliцerin. The drug for the maintenance of heart activity. Puzыrёk of 40 tablets
 - CIFRAN 500. Antibiotic. 2 packages of 10 tablets
 - clarithromycin 500 or Azitromitsin.Antibiotik. 20 tablets
 - Ftalazol.Preparat to suppress intestinal infections 20 tablets
 - suprastin. Antihistamines for suppressing allergic reactions. 10 tablets
 - capoten. Hypotensive agent to decrease blood pressure. 10 tablets
 - acyclovir. antiviral agent. 20 tablets
 - paracetamol. Febrifuge. 20 tablets
 - potassium permanganate (manganese), 5 g, water disinfection, gastric lavage, gargling, daily disinfection of the skin of the toes
 - Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), 5 g, for the prevention of colds
 - Holls. Means for quick relief of cough
 - Warming ointment for sprains
 - condoms 3 pieces (just in case)

9 - spare camouflage(of necessity). We were in the summer with a spare maskhalaty (lightweight and take up little space).

10 - Kovrik karimat.
 Preferably, to have a thick, not inflatable and foldable(they have their own problems) with shielding the lower part(that the land).
And remember,if you say that "everything is" or "All will be given, if necessary," , " their purchase is not necessary " then please send nah because you pi ** t.
at 3 parts disassemble electronics, optics and seasonal items.
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