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REQUIRED EQUIPMENT (addition of the 1)

Let us examine in more detail of the unloading equipment:
-The shops. 8 pieces in the main pouches. Extreme left back at the group / calculation command completely clogged tracers (marked with a notch and a colored stripe, so as not to confuse), the extreme right of the center and how much is enough packed with armor-piercing ammunition. On the right side and to the center (for right-handed) first placed in the store 3 tracer, that go last (you see, that went tracer-means it's time to change the store ). Stores are beginning to take a left to right (First pull out the most inconvenient location and do not lose control of weapons of descent).
Shops in suharke is NC. 2 store are in the right side pocket of his combat backpack (when used 6sh112 / 116/117) and 1 mainly department.

-2 ROP
properly, and so clear, it is lighting or signaling flares . Should be every fighter. The color is usually red (1 star) and white (1 star). Commanders wore red and green (3 stars), but in general it is more dependent on tactics, which you have been taught.

There is not a case of smoke signal, and for raising the curtain.
In the market there are several options, but we chose RDG-P (in the embodiment with steel casing), because it is convenient (He pulled the pin and tossed), waterproof.
There are options in a plastic housing – I never found not rusted (Though packed well but under a layer of foil).
nice size. weight Approx 400 gram.

-knife combat
Here the taste and color, and a bunch of models. usually wear himself:
a)Glock 78, who immediately after the purchase is better to resharpen(sharpening holds up well), It requires care (For carbon brands Boehler rust), Sheath without problems go into his pocket for a bayonet knife on our Unloading (It can be mounted on molle).
b) Cold Steel 38 SRK steel AUS8 (rust), knife is very convenient. The handle is made of Kraton (hard rubber) and sits well in the hand when wet.
at)Cold Steel 13RTK Recon Tanto, which has a convenient form and dimensions of the blade, It can be used as an ax or a footrest (bear). AUS8 steel does not rust, but it is difficult to sharpen the blade.
Sheath Cold Steel too wide for our pockets for a bayonet knife.
Selection of quality combat knife on a huge market, but we must remember, that they do not need to open canned or cut bread. The challenge is to open this category of people.
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-combat first aid kit.
Each adjusts for themselves. We came to the conclusion, what to wear to all the unloading and from the head and from ass is not worth, therefore Me:

1-A syringe or a tube promedola butorphanol.
Very good opioydnoe analgesic and means protivoshokovoe (respectively illegally in the Russian Federation to the free circulation). Of the minuses, anything that a fighter then, as one can not expect, for he will be fine, galyuny will and will not be up to you. Use in emergency situations

2-Associated with the ampoule solution ketanov, kordiamin and dexamethasone. You can find these drugs as a Quick Set (as in the photo) These single-use syringe 5 ml
This analgesic and protivoshokovoe with light and medium injuries devoid of the side effects of narcotic drugs, but weaker than their.

3-harnesses 2 pieces (typically at once landmine 2 damaged limbs ) or American turnstiles (they are much more convenient bundles, but minus, that arm and leg are different). Better to take the US manufacturing or Israel.

4- Styptic Celox. Stops even severe bleeding, very good reviews. It may save your life. worn in 2-3 variations:
A)-Celox granules in, as a powder. Each fighter on 2 packing 35 gram. Pours out directly into the wound to a friend, which reversal thigh as, that the cam can be thrust.
B)- Celox Haemostat Applicator, properly, applicator for deep wounds. looks, as a syringe inserted into the wound (bad climbs into the input of the 5.45 and well into the inlet 7.62)

Each fighter on 1 packing.
AT)- Celox a bandage. It is possible to thrust into the wound, and wrap it. Useful in case of loss of a limb or general wound.


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Since I went to the theme of the blood stop, It is not recommended Russian Gemostop, having filled it in the wound in the limbs, then it is possible to lose. Whether it burns leaves, whether that, but surgeons were covering the mat with guys Dawn, when they fell asleep to a friend
bag in the wound.

5- IPP.
used by US . pros: low price (I took about 150 rubles apiece), quality bandage khaki and dense packing.
Each fighter 1-2 pieces.
6-sterile bandage (for cases, when there is no sense to open APIs or tseloks)

7- stationery files 2 pieces. Primitive and compact. To cover the oxygen supply in the case of entering the lung.

8-Needle decompression to aid in pneumothorax

9- Hydrogen peroxide.

10-sodium chloride. Unlike the hydrogen peroxide is not aggressive and can be moisten, eg, fallen intestine or wash the eyes.

11-Ointment or spray type rescuer burns

12-surgical clamp

13-Leykoplastыr roll

14-disposable scalpel 2 PC

15-Medical sterile gloves 2 vapor

16-Shevny set (thread and needle)

17-Napkins alcohol injection


19-black marker (for application to the body or clothing labels)

20-small flashlight (in any case not to search)

Many people may be against it, and consider it wrong, but I think, that the soldiers in the first aid kit for emergencies need powerful stimulant, amphetamine type (under the cruel
control commander).
I remember, that wounded a friend you do not provide assistance from their first-aid kits, and from his.

-Radio headset.
Here,in my opinion, uniquely available from- Yaesu VX-8DR. The characteristics you can look on the Internet. the main thing, it is a good power, vodostoykost (to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter), battery power (but still with a better 2 spare),opportunity to re-flash and the presence of scrambler (encryption, not giving the opportunity to quickly listen to without special equipment)

-flask- required attribute. Here we have a few options:
and Soviet-aluminum, very cheap and the most common. It has a number of disadvantages, such as: the factory is in a thick layer of grease, which is not so easy to remove, cover sometimes is not sealed and the rubber gasket that runs it spoils the taste of the water, and besides, the aluminum is not the most useful, what to wear water (and the spoils in it very quickly).
pros: you can boil water on the fire right into it, strong enough (though wrinkled and deformed).
volume 0.75 l

b-Plastic jar NATO.
I chose a jar G.I. volume 1 liter. US Manufacturing. Easy and practical, sealed and does not spoil the taste of the water. Native Case replaced.
There are options of soft drinking water systems (gidrachi), but the main I had never considered.

Prefer M2 Artillery Compass US Army
It must be every fighter.
of the minuses: in determining the parts of the world should not be obstructed iron, so accuracy is not falling. But a simple and reliable

-Multitul. And then we have out of competition 2 firm Leatherman and Victorinox. Russian multitool 6e6 sets of Warrior inferior in all respects fully multitool 2 these firms.

I chose a Leatherman Charge TTi Gift 830739. Convenient for all household needs.
knife straight (steel S30V)
knife serreytorny (knives open with one hand)
files for wood and metal
diamond file
bit holder
5 screwdriver (2 – hour)
bottle opener
belay ring.
All options are fixed by random closing or falling out.
pads handles – titanium alloy.
complete: 5 bilateral additional bits in a plastic cage.
The only problem- pliers weak attachment to horizontal forces, but guarantee 25 years.
From Victorinox I liked SwissTool II RC.

-Carbine. Climbing carabiner steel is very convenient for your evacuation or securing him the necessary elements you. the main thing, so that was out of metal and with a heavy load at break.

A)Tactical. The main requirements- a minimum light 700 lumens, water and shock resistance, several power modes and strobe function.
lantern Red Heat Prometheus take himself very satisfied.
B) forehead. Here the main requirement – is the power, several modes of light, humidity, replacement filters (red minimum,
green and blue)
My choice fell on the lamp Petzl TACTIKKA XP or EOS Tactical

-Emergency diet. The desired, but not very tasty garbage, which lies in the dark days before suharke. High calorie and long shelf life, good packing.

-Parakord. 25 meters of rope will allow you to move furniture, not falling under the affected area, evacuate other or themselves hedging. and necessary thing, Unfortunately, forget all about it.

-Poncho. To protect from the rain and the construction of temporary shelters. Color to choose a country, the main thing – material strength, To ensure that the seam of the hood was well pasted and pasted, rings (if there is) shall be iron and fasteners secure (no buttons). Helikon wear or Fusion and grabs.

Even in the unloading rolls of tape trifle Tipo,lighters itd.

Alexey Y.

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