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REQUIRED EQUIPMENT – PART 1 - Необходимая экипировка



A small article about equipment, which must be a fighter, Yes, and that the house of an ordinary Russian person will not be superfluous.

Since not everything can be on local legislation (eg, grenades), but it will have you in the database area (if you find yourself there), I will cover the full range of possible additional. equipment, sometimes skipping a note of things, it is in the civilian world is overdue.

Listed equipment has been tested by me and my children, and we considered normal. Of course, there are plenty of similar or even better / more convenient equipment, but we had not worked and therefore does not indicate (the taste and color), so do not yell about, what “this shit, but this is better”, for me your opinion is of little interest, and I do not write, as if my opinion only and absolutely undeniable.

The article will contain all the equipment is broken and if possible of echelons. Here it is necessary to take into account, that time of the year, specialization fighter it may change (as well as on the application area) and because the fighter himself report to RD, it is necessary to take out or unnecessary. All seasonal items will be discussed at the end of.

We all remember, that the equipment is not cheap thing (and article total price tag smoothly passes for 400 thousand) and it has its own resource (periodically subject to replacement and renewal), usually not purchased at once, and gradually. People love to save should remember that “Miser pays twice, fool three times, a Loch always pays“, and that he may not be in place of the mean- worth buying high-quality equipment, and then you can become a chode and once to pay life.

Still have time, I always divide equipment for combat (always new as possible and proven model) and training (it go to friction, hunting, hiking itd. during the run-in new features or equipment are purchased for combat kit or Marriage ).

So go.

The first train (summer conditions) :

1-Individual Weapons Weapon (for example, or AK Saiga or VPO)
2-camouflage basic (jacket, pants)
Dispute about, what kind of camouflage is better, eternal and utomitelen- choose only to you.
There can be a lot of talk about the models and colors (by area and time of year, objectives and financial capabilities).

main criteria:

A- strength
B- incombustibility
AT- That is not a saint in the PNV
D- The ability to breathability and moisture abduction.

It is difficult to choose the right because HB almost does not burn, but much gets wet (It is not suitable for wet areas), the membrane is not getting wet, but burns, Aramid fabrics do not burn and do not get wet (but do not breathe), tent fabric or rip-stop you choose the tasks and Finance.
We enjoyed the costumes from Garsing and Helikon Tex, Alloy (eg, hill 3 , bought in 2010 alive now), p1g-tac (Good Ukrainian firm helped separable times) .
As always pleases the German camouflage Flektarn (most enjoyable and safe for wearing on my feelings) and generally Western camouflage (quality is usually at the height of)
tissue density must be at least 210 g. sq.m.
it's desirable, that jacket, that the pants have a button-down, with pockets for knee pads and elbow pads.
All further lumps once sewn into the groin, and need to be strengthened in the most exposed areas .
“assault shirt” a bulletproof vest at the hottest time of the year was a pleasant novelty (chest and back and increase ventilation potootvodyaschaya).

3- Footwear.
Also an amateur, task, terrain and weather conditions.
We try to use the shoes on the membrane (eg, trekingovye ECCO shoes with a membrane of skin yak, who liked) or boots “cobra” by Buteks in conditions of Donbass (steppe and heat) very well established, Good reviews of Zamberlan and LOWA footwear trekingovoy
In particular the heat can wear high shoes linen (Belorussians stamp).
Good shoes are usually on the membrane GORE-TEX (a huge number of models)

ryyqqgzleew srchne9ent8
The choice of a huge, the main thing, to fit under the shoe area, It was comfortable and do not rub the leg.
The shoes IMMEDIATELY insert orthotics.
Here add socks, which should take the pot and do not rub the foot (choice left to “Modoks”) Well, in general trekingovye socks should you replace daily.

Well here is the theme just Achtung. I saw a bunch “Speshalov” and allegedly fighting dohrena screaming “Yeah fuck you need it”, “I did not go in it ssyklo”, Without it, it is more convenient”, “We have a super cosmo special forces did not wear them, and I will not”, “I would not take a bullet” etc.
If you encounter such a person tries it please send it seriously and do not listen. They then bitterly weep, when they cut the kidney, punched small fragments (which is easy to be kept simple case with aramid) or vizzhat, like pigs, when a fragment of the VOG-17 flies in the groin and gets stuck in the bladder.

1rkiodaek1a teo03aqxtl8

Remember, that more 75% defeat on the battlefield – splinters (both primary and secondary) and most of them are even protected by body armor Cases (for example 6b43) , so you need to wear it (periodically under the task can pull plate)
Actually at the armor: ratio “for money” I choose our armor (in the presence of 6b23, 6b43, 6b45) and very happy (average 12-14 thousands of full body armor)

6B23- relatively easy (8kg) from 2 steel plates(5a protection class) on the chest part. He was shot by him ammunition 7.62x54R meters 5 bullet LPS 7n1 – there was no bruising .
It is convenient to run and crawl. Fasteners put the main weight on the belt- no pressure on his shoulders, good shock absorption system, side closed by aramid 1 class, napashnik also included, big collar (even if wearing lowered, It protects the chin from fragments shirt flown apart when the bullet hit in the chest)
Minus- No molle system and the back is closed only with aramid (2 class), the gap between the plates and the relatively small (in my opinion) plate area.
But a budget option.

Body armor 6b43. Excellent assault bronezhelet protection class 6a (keeping with 10 meters of armor-piercing incendiary cartridge 7.62x54R ) 2 ceramic slabs (chest and back) if necessary, change places.
The weight in the base to 9kg
molle system allows you to hang himself apron pouches and additional protection modules (them below).
by the way, in hot weather it is much more comfortable to wear, than American IOTV.
of improvements – just below the standard protection against the impact of bullets zapregradnogo put foam mesh (I know the case, when a person with meters 70 BZ and flew off easily)
The front of the lower strap attached napashnik.
Behind podzhopnik aramid (It protects the rear part of the buttocks to the knee by 1 protection class).
I think napashnik and podzhopnik mandatory attachment to body armor
If necessary, put Shoulders.
All additional equipment received as a gift from RATNIK-TACTICAL
We have vest quick release system.
The average price 15 thousand

Body armor 6b45. 5a protection class, basic equipment weight 3 size- 8.7 kg.
6b43 differs from the lower protection class, that he bescheholny, ie you can get and aramid screens 6B43 of the cover, and ceramic plates, Only here you can get plates, y 6B43 rib plate is inserted from below on the back of the rib section, 6B45 at the bottom on the outside, differences in the fact, that instead of loops with fasteksy at 6B45 are familiar Velcro on the sides (which is much more comfortable when wearing), and the presence of loops evaktsatsii

In the end, I will move permanently to the vest, changing on the chest plate (putting 6a class of 6b43 on his chest and leaving home plate on the back) and performing all the improvements as 6b43.

The rest of the body armor of the army of the Russian Federation, I do not consider so-as I think they are inferior or above samples or I did not have a job and I can not evaluate them.

Little body armor is now fashionable Plate Carrier will only say their opinion, they are not suitable for the active database. comfortable, undoubtedly, but almost all seen me model, It was short (a hole in the belly terrible hole in the lung), Western stoves usually under the replacement will be hard to find (in contrast to the massive army bronezheletov), expensive and did not provide the necessary protection from the sides and shoulders (without additional Pribluda, a good option for police, but I quickly replaced in the conditions as they were on the WCT in 14 year ).
But now it is catching on, as a purely police and sports theme IPSC, which introduce into the army instead of long-proven military system (the feeling of flying turds in my direction from the fans of this case, do not use it in practice under the conditions of combined arms combat), as things designation “tactical” that produce commercial companies often without experience and half price prohibitive charge for brand.
Western wear vests tried IMTV (Manufacturer KDH Defense Systems) and left a very good impression, except weight in the maximum configuration)

Here we have a huge selection, both domestic, and foreign products.
I wear a helmet himself SHBM-L and happy. Low weight (about 1200 g), quite comfortable suspension system (but inferior to the West in terms of convenience and, I think, It will be replaced). protection class 1 (debris or PM) Minus- high price and lack of fixtures under the additional equipment.
In principle, like more and helmets 6b28 and 6b47 , but require improvements harness.
6b7 budget option is not very convenient, but economical and copes with its functions


assault helmets (Altin or Scope) imprisoned for a specific task and not for constant wear, therefore their acquisition -Personal business.
Western modern helmets are very good quality and compete with domestic all over except for the price with no problems.

6- spectacles.
Without eyes you can not fight, and damage to the eye may even small stones or broken pieces of plaster explosion.
I share the clash 2 species:

A Tactical
usually have larger lenses, are fixed on the elastic band, seal tightly to the face and dress only at the time of surgery or glasses type 6B50 6b34. Not for everyday wear.
Protect from a steel ball weighing 1 gram, flying at a speed of, about, 350 m / s.
Among the few drawbacks of the above models – sweat and even Antifog not save. As a way to fix it (and some people fogging cost the lives and health) -self-installation mikroventilyatora on hood (I think, that the place must have been at the factory)
If you do not want to mess around with software, you can buy glasses ESS Profile TurboFan.


For everyday wear. I enjoyed and Aegis ARC Echo and Smith Elite PivLock V2 Tactical and StingerHawk U.S. Military Kit, I was pleased with.
Points desirable to have darkened lenses and yellow.
The choice is huge, so decide for yourself.



7- vest.
Someone accustomed to hanging pouches moiie bronezheleta, but I always try to, if necessary, be able to choose to wear armor or unload (or together)

In addition to BC in the discharge often rush things essentials, to which we must quickly get (a small amount of).

Since we are mainly in the hands of AK (and trunks to its base), and the pouches should be under its shops.

I choose the price-quality discharge 6sh112, 6sh116, 6sh117 or Smersh-AK. I know, that many “speshaly” they do not like (it's their problem that I do not care)

of the benefits: modularity (and the ability to hang the necessary pouches ), strong enough and iznoststoykie , Net base does not overheat (although the armor is not much help), a large number of pouches (which are easy to buy more buy in case of loss or the need)
for example, to vest based on extended , 6sh116 accessories “Senior shooter” includes
– Pouch for 2 magazines for AK74, 1-of ROP and bayonet-knife 2pcs ( a left-right)
– Pouches for 2 stores in 2 pieces AK74
– Pouch to five shots VOG-25(25-P) 2PC (in the absence grenade removed freeing)
– Pouches for grenades 4pcs (always hang more 1)
– Pouch Universal 2pcs
– Podsumok dlya radios 1sht
– Medical Pouch 1pc
– Podsumok for flasks 1pc (I had to replace the company's pouch “Alloy”)
– satchel combat (kaolin bag) volume 7l 1pc
It is recommended to set the pouch under the discharge of empty shops.

of the minuses: No quick release system, lean people will not be easy to use and not very good fasteksy, in my opinion.


Smersh AK can not boast of such
capacity, but it is more convenient to crawl (For pouches located on the sides)
Here, all the amateur. Maybe you will be comfortable with each system.
Me and my guys have made their choice in the domestic military handling systems.

The discharge is usually placed (description of items will then be indicated separately)
-shops 12 PC
(8 in podsumkah,1 in the trunk and 3 as the NC rusks in bag ) Moreover, steel is not worth taking -better Bakelite or plastic
-The rusks bag in packs more 10 packs 5.45 or 7.62x39 (respectively 300 or 200 in pieces weighing more 3 kg)

-2 ROP (Best New in plastic housing)
-grenades (in peacetime and is a DB area illegal) 5-6 pcs (2.5-3 kg on the model)
-knife combat
-medicine chest (not completely but only part of the battle-description on)
-Smoke (typically n-DBR )
-Radio and extra power supply
-Flask with water (1200 g example)
– Carbine (threaded through the strap)
-lights (tactical and forehead)
-In the presence of SE VOG
-Emergency diet 2 briquettes (like NC)
-Parakord 25 m
-Poncho (sideways haversack combat backpack with parachute cord)


Packaging anyone can do on their own under the task and specialty, important unification in the group, so you can quickly help or take your BC without confusion in the event of injury or death
Shopping has always worn a full magazine up, used down.

8-protective gloves.
A bunch of types and options. We stopped at the half-open gloves (2 phalanges open).
Easier to do small work his fingers, felt better downhill weapon.
To provide protection for the back of the hand, kostyashek, it's desirable, the solid elements protect the upper part of the phalanges (but do not interfere with the flexibility ), to ensure a tight grip arms and prevent slipping
Should be breathable and quick drying, clasp should be on quality and tight Velcro to keep the wrist joint in order to avoid injuries, it's desirable, to poorly lit or not lit at all
Budget good option gloves “Rage” from company “Alloy” или Hard Knuckle (stitched Kevlar thread), but you can afford to choose any of the vast number of models on the market.

Underwear- to your notice. HB worn or potootvodyaschee.
(ordinary light in a heat vest and pants HB)

A more detailed description of the contents webbed,chests 1 tier, 2 tier (RD), 3 tier (backpack raid) and property of the group as well as the sights,active headphone itd. in 2 and 3 parts.



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